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Was sagen die Mitarbeiter?

„Great benefits”(in 85 Bewertungen)
„Catered lunches”(in 83 Bewertungen)
„Free lunch”(in 34 Bewertungen)
„Free food”(in 11 Bewertungen)
„Work life balance”(in 106 Bewertungen)
„Long hours”(in 58 Bewertungen)
„Long hours”(in 20 Bewertungen)
„Work life balance”(in 14 Bewertungen)
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Akt. Mitarbeiter - Software Development Team Lead

Ich arbeite seit mehr als 5 Jahren bei Paycom (Vollzeit)


Paycom values me as a person and it is obvious. I feel rewarded for my work and appreciate the investment the company is willing to make to ensure I succeed. The company encourages creativity and... innovation, and consistently offers opportunity for me to practice them. I am challenged to grow as a leader, and Paycom provides the training to help me become my best. My responsibilities are low stress and my rewards are many. When I leave the office, I don't have to worry about work. That allows me the privilege of focusing on my family when I get home. That's a huge benefit. The compensation is competitive, and bonuses exceed expectations. It's well worth the effort! Paycom encourages me to work hard, but also provides opportunities for me to play hard. It's a phenomenal balance! I have a voice and that makes me feel valued as part of a team, not just my immediate team, but the Paycom team! I couldn't ask for a better employer!


Paycom doesn't offer shifts, so the entire company arrives at the same time and leaves at the same time. That's several thousand employees entering and exiting in the morning and the evening. This... causes extreme congestion since the exits are limited and most exits are onto a one-way street. Days are long, and arriving early and leaving late to avoid traffic make them longer.

Rat an das Management

I don't know how feasible my requests are, but without some changes I fear the employee retention may decline due to overlooking these details. Traffic near Paycom is a sour subject for the... community and could become one for employees as we continue to grow and expand. My suggestions are for Paycom to offer shifts to allow employees to come and go in different intervals, and/or create an additional exit to the West of the company. The East exit has improved traffic and is appreciated. Thank you. The distance to the building from the parking lots is far. Covered walkways into building D would be nice during inclement weather since the parking garage isn't large enough to hold everyone. I am thankful for and take advantage of the parking garage, but I am considering other employees who don't.

Akt. Mitarbeiter - Full-time Employee

Ich arbeite seit mehr als einem Jahr bei Revel Systems (Vollzeit)


* Surrounded by motivated, kind people * Fast-paced environment with attention to work/life balance * Autonomy to tackle the work that you're interested in * 99% of negative reviews are from... disgruntled former employees who left or were pushed out (rightfully so) during the company's sorely needed restructuring


* Sometimes I find myself eating too many of the free snacks :)

Rat an das Management

Keep pushing this company in the right direction!