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Ehem. Mitarbeiter - Technical Artist

Ich habe für mehr als ein Jahr bei Next Level Games gearbeitet (Vollzeit)


I remember the first few weeks after joining NLG and chatting with my new colleagues and finding out most of them had been working there for over 10 years. It is rare for a game studio to last for... that long, especially an independent one like NLG. It did not take long however to figure out how they managed to pull this off: - NLG has an incredible people culture. Your coworkers will make you feel like family, like you had been there the whole time, treating you with respect and kindness. NLG also organizes social events from time to time to give an opportunity for all the departments to mingle and get to know each other. - Organic communication is encouraged. While you might be tempted to shoot off an email or message to your coworkers, there are a lot of situations where getting off your desk and speaking directly with your coworker leads to much greater clarity and faster turnarounds. - Your opinions feel valued and respected, no matter your role. Your ideas are challenged and you have opportunities to defend them in a work environment that is constantly encouraging you to bring your wildest ideas to the table and discuss them among peers. - For those looking to constantly better themselves or are just curious; you will find artists organizing skill sharing sessions after work to raise their skill levels, programmers conducting weekly study sessions to tackle on new challenges, etc - You are surrounded by extremely talented and skillful people and you learn so much by just being around them and feeding off that passion. - Management cares and is always looking out for you, making sure your concerns are heard and are acted on and that you have the tools that you need in order to get your job done.


- Instead of having a cascading chain of command, the studio has more of matrix management style. While it definitely has great advantages it can also make it more challenging during high load times... and you might feel pulled in all directions. - Another point that piggybacks onto the last point is that since it is a fairly flat structure, people looking to move up the "ladder" in terms of career growth will not find as much room to move. - Working with a full array of proprietary tools can be a double edged sword. On one hand you have the greatest flexibility to evolve the tools into what you need per project and have them be extremely efficient, on the other hand you have to dedicate enough resources to keep them up to date and depending on time constraints, it is not always possible. New employees might have a little bit more of a learning curve at the beginning.

Rat an das Management

Management has always looked out for team happiness, morale and work life balance while making sure we hit all the goals and they have done a terrific job so far.

Akt. Mitarbeiter - Senior Game Programmer

Ich arbeite seit mehr als 3 Jahren bei Rovio Entertainment (Vollzeit)


- Work-life balance - Amazing colleagues - Varied compensation package - Supportive culture


- Politics - Slow to adapt, bureaucracy - Employeer brand not strong when it comes to attracting talent

Rat an das Management

Focus on strategy and culture. Rovio needs to mature and prove to the world that it's able to create success, it cannot keep exausting its "old money"-brand forever.