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Industrial Light & Magic CEO Lynwen Brennan
33%Lynwen Brennan
Prime Focus CEO Namit Malhotra
85%Namit Malhotra
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Ehem. Mitarbeiter - Animator

Ich habe bei Industrial Light & Magic gearbeitet (Vollzeit)


- Very talented team with some of the most experienced people in the business. When there's challenging work, there's lots of opportunity to learn from them and grow as an artist.- Reasonably laid... back working style. There's not a lot of pressure forcing artists to work unpaid overtime during the weekdays. Weekend work can be necessary during crunch time but the artists are always given the choice of saying no if they have other commitments. - HR is helpful and understanding if there are personal issues interfering with work. - Nice facilities including bicycle parking and showers with fresh towels. Very useful for people commuting with bicycle or going to the gym before or after work. - Better pay compared to other VFX Facilities in London.


- While most of the team consists of friendly people who are great to work with, the occasional toxic personality can really bring the entire morale down. Especially when it's a supervisor who has... been complained about to the HR multiple times and the company has chosen not to take any action against. It's very discourging to see decent and talented artists being subjected to abusive and condescending behaviour, not being protected by the employer and leaving the company or refusing to return at a later time, as a result. A company of this size and reputation should protect its employees over a single individual no matter how "important" they might be. - Little to no job security. They are unable to compete with other VFX vendors in London and cannot get decent amount of quality work as a result. And this means lots of people being let go on the regular. Unfortunately ILM has become very unreliable for artists who want to have a stable and reliable income.  - Bad management of projects causing financial loss on the regular, which in turn means Christmas bonuses are cancelled. It would be hard to complain about this, considering it's just a nice gesture and not promised or guaranteed. But it's incredibly frustrating when you're being bombarded by coorporate Disney about how amazing the company is doing, while artists are not only not being rewarded for their hardwork but are also in risk of losing their jobs. It feels like a slap in the face when the big boss gets a yearly bonus that could pay everyone's salaries for a decade.

Rat an das Management

Protect employees over management. Figure out a way to get more efficient and competetive and bring more work in London.

Ehem. Mitarbeiter - Production Coordinator

Ich habe weniger als ein Jahr bei Prime Focus gearbeitet (Vollzeit)


good exposure to working on multiple things and everything being a priority . learning to manage people good place to learn management skills good incentives


no work life balance extended working hours