Vergleich: H2 Concepts vs CroMex BETA

Erfahren Sie, wie CroMex bei Mitarbeiterbewertungen, Stellenangeboten, Befürwortung der Geschäftsführung, Unternehmensperspektive und vielem mehr im Vergleich zu H2 Concepts dasteht.


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H2 Concepts CEO Dan Rosenberg
56%Dan Rosenberg
CroMex CEO Corona Xu
k. A.Corona Xu
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Ich habe weniger als ein Jahr bei H2 Concepts gearbeitet (Vollzeit)


You can dress formal…that’s all the pro.


Disgusting leadership. Long hours standing. Cruel management. Trash coworkers.

Ehem. Freelancer - Freelancer (anonym)

Ich habe für mehr als ein Jahr bei CroMex gearbeitet ()


Whenever sprint is not robbing you of your phone sales the money is good.The company does have people who make some money as i did when i worked there.but the chosen ones (friends or groups of more... experienced leaders in such hide the way to get the money and have the new guys on a string.lots of office relationships and tablet scams.Oh the worst part is the conditions they'll have you work under,I have worked in a hurricane for a whole day and made one sale in front of an hra office.They work in snow or whatever.Almost lost my relationship because of the time i spent for them was more than home.People are hired and fired regularly which is another tactic to get you to work harder.I done history on these companies.I respect the whole scam because it gets money but sorry for the unsuspecting.People do elevate in the scam but 1 or two out of many don't succeed to far after being on their own.I researched that to.I believed in this place and worked hard for nothing..!Overall a fake as hell environment and if you not fake don't go.They teach you basically to harass people and call it persistence as a sales tactic.I can go on but got things to do.. P.S Without Cromex I was able to start my own business and I'm heading toward financial freedom and with my life actually being at risk. FYI they don't tell you the potential dangers of trying to stop a random person to give them something they dont want or need Not to mention the stereotypes that are out targeted for more sales.Bottom line..once you find out whats going on your either in or out..glad i chose out.Illegal tactics with an almost illegal system of making money.The earning potential is limitless if you make the cut.


The company that actually pays your check misleads you about how the method of payment works..You think you made 500 bucks until you get you check.They push you to stop as many people as you can (law... of average)because your not going to get all that money you slaved for.Dont know if the company stealing it or sprint is jerking the workers.oh yeah sprint runs all the assurance wireless stuff. They like you better if you ain't afraid to jerk someone with a lie or trick.

Rat an das Management

Don't get upset because its tru and not use the angry ex employee thing...Spend less time just trying to get paid and add a class on professionalism and good character.A person wants to work in a... positive tight environment and not Office gossip and childishness.