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Ich arbeite seit weniger als einem Jahr bei Gallup als Vollzeit


Stärkenkultur, offen für Feedback, Enstiegsgehalt angemessen


Sehr hirarchisch aufgebaut und dadurch auch sehr langsam was Entscheidungs- und Verbesserungsprozesse angeht. Bei all dem Feiern von guten Leistungen wird oft vergessen auch die weniger gut... funktionierenden Dinge anzusprechen

Rat an das Management

Prozesse vereinfachen, Verantwortliche bestimmen um Entscheidungsprozesse zu vereinfachen

Ich habe bei Toffler Associates gearbeitet ()


Some opportunity to work from home a day or so each week unless you are on client site. Though this had diminished before I left. Worked with some good people over my years with the... organization - but sadly, most of them left for similar reasons.


There is a general lack of consistency across the board. No one could ever tell me what was required to advance, and when I did get feedback it was contradicted in the next round. Painful part to... me is that the company knows it but has been unable to do anything about it. You can only claim to be "transitioning" the organization for so long before you have to pick a path and move forward. This, combined with the long hours and challenging leadership, makes it a hard place to stay over a longer period of time. No real quantitative capabilities here, nor a willingness to develop this skill-set. Majority of what we provided to clients was ambiguous without real rigor behind it. The firm does not seem to value advanced degrees or specific industry experience. Organization seems to be shifting its model to more of a staff augmentation support in the Federal space which is concerning. Lost a lot of the long-term employees and their talent/expertise (some for more than 15 years). For being at a "commercial" organization I did not do any commercial work. At best, there is one commercial client and some projects with organizations that are funded by the government. Tough to grow into the commercial skill-sets without opportunities. Leadership is a challenge in itself, with the Managing Director following whatever whim is the topic of the day - again a total lack of consistency. This, along with the lack of transparency, makes it difficult to trust leadership here. Everything is not ok just because you say it is. I saw many smart people give feedback and try to make it better, but they would ultimately get frustrated and leave - I got frustrated too. The positive piece is that you realize this quickly after you start.

Rat an das Management

More structure and consistency in approach to the market - need to offer more than thinking to our clients. This seems to shift a great deal each quarter, resulting in a lack of commitment to the... continuous changes. Learn from past mistakes, stop repeating the same ones again and again. Work on retaining good talent, sad to continue to lose people that I enjoyed learning from.