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„Free gym”(in 148 Bewertungen)
„Free gym membership”(in 389 Bewertungen)
„Free membership”(in 377 Bewertungen)
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Akt. Mitarbeiter - Certified Personal Trainer

Ich arbeite seit mehr als einem Jahr bei Equinox Fitness (Teilzeit)


The club is a fun place to work. Most of the people who work at Equinox are upbeat and fun to be around. And it's nice having a gym to workout at. Especially if you work at an Equinox that has a... lot of amenities - a pool, steam room, etc. If you're lucky enough to work at a big location, such as a sports club, you have a great opportunity to make a lot of money. If the managers and membership advisors like you, you can definitely make tons of money.


There's a lot of sales involved. You can't be too shy to ask for business. The membership advisors and managers definitely play favorites. Some of the trainers get clients handed to them, one after... the other, while others don't get any at all. Some trainers simply get handed lists of dead end leads. The current rule is that you are only able to workout at the location you work at unless it's the weekend. I find myself not wanting to workout, because I'm there so much and my workout is my "me time." I don't want to be at work for my "me time!" Some of the members can be extremely rude. These people have money and some are incredibly nice, but the others are incredibly AWFUL! Sometimes I feel like I'm in a real life SNL skit! FLOOR SHIFTS!!! Personal trainers are required to work full time and until you are training at a minimum of 96 sessions per month, you are required to work 5 floor shifts per week in which you have to "tidy up" the gym, so, basically clean up after the slobbish members for three hours at a time. They leave their weights and equipment all over and towels and bottles's ridiculous. Management claims these shifts are a way for us to get business, but rarely do people get clients on floor shifts.

Rat an das Management

Distribute clients more fairly instead of handing them all to the same people. Some very good trainers don't have the availability to spend hours hanging out at the club because they have bills to... pay. Most of the trainers that get handed all the clients in my club are young who have several roommates or still live with their parents, so they can afford to live off minimum wage until they build up their clients from those given to them. BUT, those trainers have minimal experience and are not as good trainers. Additionally, they get bored and end up quitting within a few months. The loyal, more senior trainers that stick it out and have more experience can't be there as much because they need to work other jobs to pay their bills, so they get ZERO help from the MA's and managers. It's not fair at all.

Akt. Mitarbeiter - District Manager

Ich arbeite seit mehr als 5 Jahren bei LA Fitness (Vollzeit)


There is Good quality of life


Low pay Full time work