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Ehem. Mitarbeiter - Sales

Ich habe für mehr als ein Jahr bei Elastic gearbeitet (Vollzeit)


- The people. Many all-star individual contributors who I enjoyed working with. - Good product with a lot of demand for it in the market. - Remote work culture. Please also see my remarks under... Cons.


Elastic is a toxic place in many ways. Not a great place to work at. - Work/life balance? Forget it! Please do not have a private life! - Remote work culture. Big brother is watching you! Better... keep that in mind when using electronic devises. They track everything you do! - No performance review or development process in place at all. All that matters is if your management likes you or not. As simple as that. - “Clique”-like mentality. If you have not been with Elastic from the start you will never be trusted. You will be told how things have to be done at Elastic. So please stop thinking! - Do NOT EVER invest your time in strategic work to build future pipeline. Closing transactional business is all they are looking for. Focus on the here and now and please – STOP THINKING! People of the first hour and your warden will do it for you. - Slack. They call it their preferred communication channel. Management misuses it to get real-time updates all day long and if you don’t answer the same minute you get to hear things like “Stop ignoring me. I am your manager. Understood?”. Slack is a disease at Elastic. Slack is extremely distracting from what is truly important. It is like an annoying co-worker who keeps talking to you all day long without a pause. The manager I was reporting to called himself a “slack addict” and was entirely dedicated to his hidden agenda. Was at war with marketing people, managers from different regions and people reporting into him. - Recruitment is a disaster. I was asked to participate in interviews and I could not believe some of these guys survived the first or even second screenings. What a waste of time! - Senior management needed to approve USD 5k deals. Micromanagement at its best! - This is not an organization for smart people. Senior management will make sure that you understand how lucky you are to be part of this fantastic company and how things need to be done at Elastic. - As they grow organizations need to hand on the torch from managers to leaders. Leaders who understand and execute the idea that it is a privilege to lead people. - Mobbing is a big issue in the team I joined. A peer got fired for bullying. Couple of peers and my manager backed him before things escalated. Only got worse afterwards. Very toxic place!

Rat an das Management

(1) Get a performance review and development process in place asap. (2) Start investing in your people (and management) and appreciate their work and diverse backgrounds and personalities. (3)... Establish a leadership culture and stop the harsh judgement of people based on sympathy only. I believe you will not be able to do this without external help. Greatness and culture come from true appreciation and making sure that smart people can perform at their natural best instead of “squeezing the lemon”.

Akt. Mitarbeiter - Marketing Coordinator

Ich arbeite seit mehr als einem Jahr bei iTalent Digital (Vollzeit)


I worked with iTalent Digital for 1.5 years. I had a great experience working with the team. They are extremely responsive, organized and on top of their things. This is arguably one of the best... consulting companies to work for in the Bay Area, CA. I worked with Maritza and she was so organized and made my time with iTalent Digital very pleasant.


No cons for iTalent Digital.