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Ehem. Mitarbeiter - Client Support Specialist

Ich habe für mehr als 3 Jahre bei DreamBox Learning gearbeitet (Vollzeit)


The over all company mission with helping students succeed with their general learning and understanding of math is purposeful and necessary.


The general condition and temperature of Client Support isn't good. The moral of the team is probably as low and is probably going to get worse before it gets better. Most of the issues in CS boil... down to the fact that the team is designed to benefit those who can't actually do the work. If you don't provision this customer correctly its ok because we will give it to someone we know who can. If you mess this thing up its ok because we can give it to someone else to clean up. In the end the people who have the most knowledge end up being over worked and become bitter from it. Why even tell management when you find something wrong when you know in the end it's only going to get handed back to you to clean up anyway? Some of it seems like pure laziness of the individual but the other part of it is the lack of direction from management who has also taken the stance of "We aren't responsible for your own personal growth here" does that include making sure that individuals are properly trained to actually do the work they were hired to do? An entire BTS season went by with people that were specifically hired to handle the volume who were then not allowed to do the one thing that needs to be done during BTS which is provisioning. There is a lot of fixing of non issues. It was great to have giant computer screens but the ones we had worked fine. How about making the tools we use to provision customers better? Something that would actually help us to not be over whelmed during BTS? How about not having new hires sit during the busiest time of the year those were hands we could have used to get through the volume. The very thing you tried to prevent (disruption) was the thing that was amplified the most because they had no idea what they were looking at or how to handle it. The bonus is barely based off performance but since we have "conversations" rather than reviews who would actually know how you are doing other than you the employee. It's laughable that the push is to get more technical training and certifications when they can barely afford to give you a raise yearly. There is a black and white difference between the two offices and how they are treated. Anyone that says otherwise is exercising strategic incompetence. Most of CS won't even talk to management about issues like this because it seems that they are so far out of touch with the reality of the condition of the department. It's only when posts like these are made that some action is taken.

Rat an das Management

Just consider the idea that it might not be bad to have support east and support west. You all have been trying to make it work between coasts so long perhaps letting the Raleigh location operate on... its own and the Washington location operate on its own isn't a bad idea. That way neither team has to feel like it's competing for attention or being treated unfairly. The people that need additional training please give it to them or find a way to get them out the door. Putting the additional work on someone who is already over worked is just going to continue to see those senior people leave. The bonus structure for CS at least needs to be based on performance so that for those who are putting in work don't feel like they are being over worked for no reason with no reward other than more work. You need to make yourself accessible to your team; being in meetings all day and unavailable for questions considering the amount of new people on the team should not be acceptable. Having people on the team available for questions is good but to the point that they aren't able to get their own work done. They weren't hired as trainers and aren't getting paid like a trainer either. Thats just taking advantage.

Akt. Mitarbeiter - Sales Manager

Ich arbeite seit mehr als 3 Jahren bei Relias (Vollzeit)


great talent and teams lots of possiblilities to learn new things


long hours sometimes unrealistic goals and workloads