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Amazing company culture. So laid back and everyone is able to be 100% themselves. They take and action employee feedback seriously and swiftly. For example, In my short time there they've changed the... working hours and increased base salary substantially. Never seen anything like it! Although the job itself is tough, the team spirit and strong management makes coming to work fun and the days go quickly. There is no corporate hierarchy at the company, and everyone is friends with everyone. Company contributes massively to health insurance and we have amazing coverage.Hands down the best place I've ever worked!


Base salary is pretty low for Boston. Very little opportunity for salary growth. I think it's something like 7k between starting salary and the top promotion you can get in sales, which feels... stifling. The commission structure makes up for that, but with the ebbs and flows of travel, it can be a little inconsistent and uncomfortable. The company also enforces certain scheduling rules in an effort to give employees work/life balance but the inflexibilities can feel a little like they feel they know what's best for you better than you do. PTO is higher than the national average, yet low for the travel industry (compared against past experience) and compared to what counterparts in the U.K. receive. There is this culture of "fairness" across compensation, time off, special circumstances etc. Seasoned employees/professionals don't want to be paid the same as the recent college grads or newbies etc. No room for negotiation on salary or benefits, so be prepared for that when you get the offer. Sometimes simple asks become uncomfortable or problematic requests that unnecessarily take up the time of higher management and time at the desk. These limitations have also led to the unnecessary feeling of being "stuck" at times when clear solutions are available. The company is currently in the process of launching new countries but doesn't take into consideration the risk this could be to employees, so doesn't offer a higher base or some sort of unique compensation plan until country is fully ramped and selling as expected, and isn't prepared to grow fast enough to bring in leads from the best audience or answer demands of what's being heard on the phone. May not be the case, but it seems as the company grows, the red tape grows thicker.

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Drop the "fair" idea and recognize that each team/region functions and sells differently and should have a compensation plan to match. More PTO! We've been asking for a while now. We're travelers... and we want the time to travel without rushing through or having to turn down opportunities!! General flexibility with employees on how they spend their time. Reconsider product to sales growth ratio. Be careful of the growing pains and the impact they have on company culture, morale, and the idea of One Team. Consider the creative solutions and the willingness of your workforce to get things done the unconventional way.

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Big team to work with


Upper management couldn't care less about you, you're treated as a number that's easily replaced and that's it. Many had issues with pay too, and were refused holiday pay and not permitted to see... their own time sheets

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Don't screw over your employees