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Akt. Mitarbeiter - Project Manager

Ich arbeite seit mehr als einem Jahr bei AnchorFree (Vollzeit)


The company has been through some major ups and downs: a complete change of leadership team, strategy and priority shifting, people leaving, people coming. You know the drill. At some point, I even... considered leaving but more and more I think about it, staying was a great decision. In the past four months, I've seen this company blossom into something incredible. The new leadership is top-notch — not just because of their qualifications (we all know the "DiD i TeLl YoU I WeNt To StAnFoRd?" archetype, funnily they often underperform) but because of their incredibly positive energy, humbleness, and laser-focus on success. Starting with the CEO, who is a character to say the least (in the best way possible), the leadership team is incredibly open to feedback and continuously solicits it. They send emails, host open meetings with the CEO, invite people on retreats — going above and beyond to hear from everyone. (This feedback is anonymous, so I’m unfortunately not getting a bonus for this. But really, great job to the new team!!) The people in the company are amazing as well — super kind, creative, talented, and hardworking. Especially the Russian-speaking engineers. HR team is also great, and incredibly proactive with any risen issues. Sadly our culture hasn't set up root yet for everyone to express themselves and form a community, but the new comms and hr teams are working on it ... In the end, culture is defined by the people so I'm optimistic about the future. Product-wise, I believe our strategy is smart. With the current positioning, the company can become a leader in user and enterprise security and privacy apps; themes that will not go out of the market anytime soon. We've partnered with leading companies in the Valley to offer the very best for every service, so should be good. Aaaaaaand, the FOOD IS BOMB! Like, really, really good. I've eaten at the big firms (including LinkedIn, they're known for top-notch food), and I'd day overall, snacks and all, we're thriving.


WE DON'T HAVE UNLIMITED PTO. Come on team, we're not in the 1990s anymore, we might be one of the few remaining dinosaurs in SV that have limited paid vacation! And I'm sure this is hurting our... hiring. And just general well-being. Please change, I've heard people in the company mention it almost 2-3 times per week. I'm sure people will not go flocking to the Bahamas if you change it, and we can encourage a "let your manager know way ahead of time and be mindful of ongoing projects" policy — but whatever we do, we have to change the policy to UNLIMITED PTO. (Also, the offices are in Pacific Shores, RWC. Far but I know they're working on bringing them closer to the city.)

Rat an das Management

Unlimited PTO, please.

Ehem. Mitarbeiter - Anonymer Mitarbeiter

Ich habe für mehr als ein Jahr bei Tango gearbeitet (Vollzeit)


Good salary Nice office in CA


There is no vision of project, like it seems frozen