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    Who would have thought that our team is not only great at developing software, but also at preparing delicious food? We surprised the entire team with a huge box of fresh vegetables - just what you need to stay healthy and motivated while working from home in a pandemic. It was a lot of fun to try out and share new recipes, and a great way to strengthen our team spirit during the lockdown!

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    Attention, engineers! Algorithmic modeling is finally available for your daily work. Algorithmic modeling is where design and programming intersect. Using a node-based visual language like ELISE allows you to develop data-driven products, automate repetitive design tasks, connect them seamlessly to simulation environments and create products that would be impossible with standard CAD & FE tools. Through ELISE we can visually program several engineering steps and even digitalize a complete product development process. Complex processes can be run through automatically as part of an optimization. Automated product development with generative engineering brings you faster to your goal with a pinpoint landing of the result. How is this done? - Watch our video and see it for yourself!

  • Hooray! Last evening, we got the second place at the award ceremony of the Bremer Founding Prize. Many thanks to WFB Wirtschaftsförderung Bremen GmbH and Sparkasse Bremen for the great online gala and congratulations to the winners of the first prize JAAI | JUST ADD AI GmbH. It was a fantastic event and we are very happy!

  • We at ELISE have developed an extraordinary bar table as an example of automated product development for multiple design variants. By feeding in parameters such as load cases, material and sizes, our software calculated many design variants in a flash. The developer decides which design fits best. One of them was further processed by our partner company FIT Additive Manufacturing Group and produced using additive manufacturing. Check out our video and cast a glance at the variety of design variants realised through Generative Engineering.

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