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22. Okt. 2020 - Werkstudent Softwareentwicklung in Altdorf b.Nürnberg
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  1. Vorstellungsgespräch für eine Beschäftigung als Cyber Innovation Manager

    Anonymer Mitarbeiter in Altdorf b.Nürnberg
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    Ich habe mich online beworben. Der Vorgang dauerte mehr als 2 Monate. Vorstellungsgespräch absolviert im März 2019 bei Siemens (Altdorf b.Nürnberg)


    Interview process lasted 69 days. (1/21/2019-3/29/2019)

    1) Applied online
    2) 2 weeks later set up phone interview for following week with head of department. This was all done by head of department no recruiters. I really like how lean it was and no miscommunication by dealing with the non decision makers.
    3) 2 weeks later request for interview in person. They did not aide financially in any of the process which was little bit red flag to me especially that I flew from Philippines last minute.
    4) In person interview that lasted 2.5 hrs with three people (Head, Executive Sponsor, Deputy Sponsor). They went through 30min of really thorough explanation of the department products, road map team, etc using great visuals. I would say this was one best interviews due to was not like I was grilled but dialogue of questions. They also covered all my questions transparently.
    5) 2 business days later said make decision in 2 weeks.
    6) Emailed said be another two weeks (this I was surprised about and largest disconnect). He did elaborate after I asked which was good they were transparent.
    7) Kind of enough to call that was close call between there #1candidate but didn't get it. It was nicest personal rejection I got and would refer me for anything else. They still however don't have money allocated for it so guy won't start for few more weeks.

    +Great transparency
    +Dialogue style
    +innovative/quick/limited hoops/bureaucracy

    - Didn't cover any travel expenses
    - internal bureaucracy delays speed of hiring
    - process still very long (the really good teams move full process no more than 2.5 weeks)
    - lack of care/empathy for candidate who is making decisions based on their expected timeline which fluxes
    - felt the older corporate sponsors don't give the lead any anatomy and micro manage based on old perspectives (they asked my age which never happened before)

    1) Why Siemens?
    2) Tell about self?
    3) what's not on your resume?
    4) what's experience with standards and which ones?
    5) here is my home network (draws on board). Tell me how to protect this network and specifically that of this chat server
    6) Why you so passionate about cyber?

    *Note each team is different in Siemens and especially this one they have alot atanomy.
    *I asked 5 questions that standard: what like most, how people succeed, how position evolve, do you have any hesitations towards my qualifications so I can alleviate any concerns, next steps, and slew of nerdy in moment how does this work/outlook questions.

    1) Why Siemens?

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