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    Ehem. Praktikant - Indirect Purchasing in Pfullingen
    Ehem. Praktikant - Indirect Purchasing in Pfullingen
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    Ich habe als Praktikant bei Robert Bosch gearbeitet (Weniger als ein Jahr)


    I would not recommend working in the Indirect Purchasing Division to anyone.


    There was a severe lack of work in the department, the employees seemed to have no work to do themselves, and yet 3 interns were hired for 12 months. Apart from this, the female interns (including myself) experienced sexism in the office and the male intern was the only one spoken to. I was also on the receiving end of several racially sensitive remarks, which were often laughed off by the employees, even when I seemed visibly upset. In one instance, when I arrived one morning I was asked to clean the fridge as there was mould in it. The male intern had arrived 20 minutes before me and I asked them why he hadn't been asked to. They replied saying "sometimes a girl cleans better". I had to cut my contract short as I simply could not continue working there any longer. It was frankly excruciating to travel an hour to work every day to sit there for 9 hours with no tasks (despite my best efforts to ask for work) and to not even be spoken to. The housing provided to the interns posed several health hazards, not to mention the hidden "cleaning costs" taken out of my salary when there was no cleaning done. A big company with global influence such as this should treat their employees with basic respect.

    EDIT: I was only paid half the salary on my last month and was assured I would be reimbursed the rest (only upon my request, as they had not noticed). They have still not reimbursed me and continue to ignore my emails.

    Rat an das Management

    I would not know how to advise management to improve the circumstances. Sadly this mindset seems to be common in the region.

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