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    Akt. Mitarbeiter - Analyst in Alexandria, VA (Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika)
    Akt. Mitarbeiter - Analyst in Alexandria, VA (Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika)
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    The Motley Fool has a great culture (including truly excellent benefits) and an awesome purpose (to make the world smarter, happier and richer) -- in the world of finance, the Fool is a bright spot in that we really do care about helping people/our members do well and have high ethical standards. It's a very optimistic company, and also very geared towards learning and growing. Although it doesn't always get everything right (pretty sure no company does), leadership definitely does legitimately try, and listens, which are very positive attributes. Last but not least, it has a super smart, friendly workforce so you make great friends there as well -- the company does a great job of encouraging connections not only for work collaboration purposes but also for social connections and a sense of belonging. It often feels like a family.


    The business moves fast and things can be a bit fluid -- sometimes arguably too fast and fluid. I think that can be a difficult thing to overcome for people who prefer routine and more rigid structures in their workplace. Things are definitely not always exactly the same.

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    Thanks for all you do and for always trying to exceed and do better where things could be improved. Also, for transparency and being willing to listen to and respond to your employee stakeholders, even when it is occasionally uncomfortable.

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Einladung zum Vorstellungsgespräch




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    Ich habe mich online beworben. Vorstellungsgespräch absolviert im September 2020 bei Motley Fool (Alexandria, VA (Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika)).


    The interview process is set up for them to ask about your investment background and test if you would fit within the “fool” culture. The interviews are broken down in 30 -minute intervals where you meet with either 2 or 3 “fools”. Every single one of them was respectful and nice.
    The technical part of the interview is relatively easy, some of the questions seem like they came from a pop quiz from an undergrad finance 101 class. What’s free cash flow? What’s PE? What’s enterprise value? Be prepared to explain your investment process, what type of investor you are (value, growth, etc.) and things you look for in a company and or industry.
    You’ll be interviewed in teams of “twos” or “threes”, this part of the process was very repetitive, you’ll be going through most of the same questions over and over again. (real example: the first pair asked what free cash flow was, the second pair of interviewers asked me the same). They’ll also ask about yourself, how you are different and why you’d fit at the company. They’ll also expect you to ask questions. I asked 3 of them what the “Fool” does with recommendations that don’t play out and received 3 different answers (maybe something they should be on the same page about).
    After finishing 5 rounds of 30-minute interviews I was told that because of the nature of the interviews (zoom calls), they felt they could miss some things regarding the candidates. I was scheduled to speak to 4 more “fools” because of that, I met with them again. After this radio silence came. I heard nothing from them for 2 weeks, in those two weeks I emailed and called the recruiter…they said nothing. I finally texted the recruiter, whose phone I had because she had texted me earlier in the process regarding scheduling matters. I wanted to avoid since it was her personal phone but I needed an answer. She finally called to tell they had moved on with other candidates.
    My recommendation to the company is that if you make a candidate meet with over 14 people, if you make someone take hours of their days to interview and prepare for these interviews, those people deserve a clear yes or no answer in the end.

    Fragen im Vorstellungsgespräch

    • How would you describe the PE ratio to someone without a finance background?
      Define Free Cash Flow
      Define Enterprise Value
      What type of investor are you?
      Tells about a mistake you made when investing.
      Have you read any books on investments)
      What is your investment process?
      What are your weaknesses?
      Provide a stock recommendation   Frage beantworten
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