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    „From unique slowly became just another consultancy”

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    Akt. Mitarbeiter - Cloud Architect in London, England (Vereinigtes Königreich)
    Akt. Mitarbeiter - Cloud Architect in London, England (Vereinigtes Königreich)
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    Ich arbeite in Vollzeit bei Cloudreach (mehr als ein Jahr)


    It can be a good opportunity to learn about cloud if you end up on the few interesting projects.
    There are still some talent (however attrition is high).
    There are some turn in the last couple of months since the renewed SLT. Communication is open and honest on the situation and the planned actions.
    The new senior management still has a lot to proof on the execution.
    They recently started to promote some positions internally.

    - uncapped holiday if you can agree with your boss, PM and the customer
    - cloudy lunch
    - discounted healthcare insurance (not anything attractive )
    - remote work if client agrees
    - online learning opportunities
    - related certifications covered by the company


    The former SLT lead by Aaron Painter drove the company to a disaster ( note, the vision of becoming a software company came from the former CEO/owner Pontus and the board not from Aaron. He failed on execution but the vision had many flaws as it ignored the fact that the strength of the company are the people and their technical consultancy skills)
    The short term focus is on revenue and reaching 0 or at least minimal profitability which is understandable after the disaster caused by former SLT but longer term vision is blur at best or simply not defined/existing atm.
    It's not a market leader in the MSP space any more just another consultancy struggling to balance budget.

    1. Compensation/benefits:
    - no regular salary/compensation reviews( you might join with a reasonable salary but it never gets reviewed)
    - pension scheme is not anything attractive
    - based on recent cost and 100% utilization focus its just a question of time when the next benefit will be taken away
    - 4h/wk personal development time is not guarantied any more as 100% utilization is the priority
    2. People, Culture
    - if there was anything like Cloudreach unique culture, that's gone.
    - People treated really bad during the several recent layoffs last year and that has been mostly done by the new management...
    - it's more of a blame culture these days, not collaborative any more
    - attrition is still high and long time cloudreachers leaving company
    - Quarterlies which helped to build bond between the offices are long gone
    - company still struggling to eat its own dog food: internal templating, reusing artefacts, automation, tool integration is not really exists
    - team events are non existing
    3. work
    - the bulk of new work are cloud landing zone, governance and migrations, which are not anything interesting for techies but good for the company revenue
    - it's AWS heavy consultancy(+80%). Azure and GCP is occasional. This reflects to people mentality and mindset too...
    4. Career
    - internal promotions still occasional and there is no clear process around it. There is no internal job board. If you complain and have a good manager might get a promotion otherwise nothing happens

    Rat an das Management

    review compensation scheme and act on retaining people

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    Ich habe mich online beworben. Der Vorgang dauerte eine Woche. Vorstellungsgespräch absolviert im Mai 2019 bei Cloudreach (London, England (Vereinigtes Königreich)).


    Enjoyable call with local recruiter, lasted around 30 mins, summary of my work, introduction into Cloudreach. Follow up telephone interview with peer in the US. The experience was very professional and personable.

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