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We are around 250 entrepreneurs, creators & solvers with deep roots in the Tech & Start-up world. Our complimentary skill sets and wide range of experience in the digital space allows us to thrive and enjoy creating maximum impact on every challenge we face – from co-founding, ...

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Steffen Braun
Steffen Braun
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„Top-Unternehmen mit tollen Kollegen“

Jan 25, 2019 - BI Consultant in Stuttgart
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- Kollegenzusammenhalt
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  1. Vorstellungsgespräch als Product Manager

    Anonymer Mitarbeiter in Portugal
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    Ich habe mich online beworben. Der Vorgang dauerte 4 Wochen. Vorstellungsgespräch absolviert bei KI group (Portugal)


    Do not waste your time with applying - to me it felt that the hiring team seemed to make up rules as they went, and then ignore said rules. Either that, or they do not communicate internally what they are saying to their candidates.

    Initially the process was stated as being a total of 4 interviews along with a home assessment:

    1st with HR representative
    2nd with Hiring Manager
    You'd receive the home assessment at this stage if you've passed the 2nd interview
    3rd Panel interview with the team to review the home assessment
    4th Culture Fit interview

    However, this wasn't what happened. I had a total of 4 interviews myself, two of them with the Hiring Manager.

    When I got to my 4th interview (the "panel interview"), it was conducted by two PMs regarding my home assessment.

    One of the attendees admittedly "didn't have a chance" to look at my home assessment hence he was mostly silent during the "panel interview".

    The other interviewer who drove this interview clearly just glanced at my assessment. It was quite obvious that he didn't have an understanding of why I did what I did, or the context of why I did it

    A practical example, of this: the hiring manager specifically stated in writing that the product concept "doesn’t have to make money, it doesn’t have to fulfil stakeholder wishes ", but the interviewer at this panel was saying things like "this type of solution is too expensive" that "I would need to think about the cost of implementation" and the "benefits VS cost needed to be considered" - why? This is the exact opposite of what I was told before.

    Another example - the assessment was to be made in the context of a particular country,but this interviewer was talking about a completely different country to challenge some of the things Iwas saying during our interview (I even included several studies and news articles in my case study that addressed the things this person was talking about... if only he had read it, right?).

    As stated - the hiring team seemed to make up rules as they went, and then proceeded to ignore said rules. The assessment was quite time consuming to be ultimately ignored by the people that interviewed me in the last interview, which is extremely disrespectful - it made me feel stupid, incompetent and factually just wasted my time.

    For context - the described goal of the assessment was to "understand how I write, form a
    strategy, and communicate with others while developing a product." - there was no stated format, just to present it either "as a document or presentation" and there were also no size limitations.

    For the actual assessment, the candidate is asked to create a product concept, "leveraging data" that doesn't exist (no actual numbers are given and no statement regarding to which extent the "data" should be used or for what, there's just the statement that "assume you have access to XYZ data regarding ****"). In my case, I not only used this imaginary data set, but I also supported my assumptions with real-world data and studies... and I was apparently penalised by this.

    I was also penalised for the interviewer's lack of understanding on what I did, stemming from not having actually read what I did... or understand the format in which I did my assessment, a format to which I also agreed preemptively with the hiring manager and one which has very specific format and content to it (I agreed with the hiring manager on doing a whitepaper for the assessment, but these last interviewers were asking me about things that shouldn't even be on a whitepaper... maybe they don't know what is and isn't contained within a whitepaper?)

    Either way, I did report everything that happened during this interview to the hiring manager, and was just told that the experience I described wasn't what he would hope for any candidate - that they would speak with the team to learn more and... that was it.

    I also received a survey about the experience where I elaborated on what happened to great extent, but that was the end of it - so I imagine this survey is going to be mostly ignored, just like my take-home assignment, so they not only wasted my time in the hiring processs, but they also wasted my time in the feedback process, amazing.

    I must say that I feel that the hiring manager was the only person that actually looked at my proposal, and made relevant questions about it and was clearly interested in understanding where I was coming from, the same thing cannot be said about the "panel interviewers".

    Either way, there are many, many other things that went badly in my last interview, but I feel this review is already extensive enough.

    Do not waste your precious time with them, hopefully this review will help you.

    tell me about your past experience as a PM

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February 25, 2021
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At KI group we are looking for entrepreneurs, solvers and creators who want to make a difference by building sustainable, technology-driven business models & solutions in a constantly evolving world.

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