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Aktualisiert am 23. Okt 2018

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NYC Teaching Fellows CEO Anthony Finney
Anthony Finney
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  1. "Great opportunity -Pathway to Teaching Career"

    Ehem. Mitarbeiter - NYC Teaching Fellow 
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    Ich habe weniger als ein Jahr bei NYC Teaching Fellows als Vollzeit gearbeitet


    Can start working at a teacher from the start, don't have to wait to finish Education Masters


    Hi stress because of teaching and grad school workloads combined

    NYC Teaching Fellows2018-10-23
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    "Teaching Fellow Reject"

    • Work-Life-Balance
    • Kultur & Werte
    • Karrieremöglichkeiten
    • Vergütung und Zusatzleistungen
    • Führungsebene
    Ehem. Mitarbeiter - NYC Teaching Fellow in New York, NY
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    Ich habe bei NYC Teaching Fellows gearbeitet ()


    If you succeed in the program you are fast tracked into a job with not only health care, benefits but a career where you get to have positive impacts and kids live ... where you can do home and feel like you are having a positive impact on the world. I decided I wanted to this program because I love kids and want to help them grow up into smart, confident, adults of tomororw. I have so many friends from this program...

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    PST is Horrible. Having grad school after wards makes your life insane and unlivable. The hours of PST are insane. I wake up at 4:30 am would leave my house at 6 am, go to Harlem til 3 go to grad school. Get home at 8 pm. And lesson plan and print until like 1 pm and I'm crying. They said this isn't the case because you can work during your 6 hour training period but without the internet ( the internet doesn't...

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    Rat an das Management

    Seriously treat your employees like grown-ups and with respect. I feel like you treat us like we're lucky to be there and you could just boot us out at any time. But the people in the program have made huge sacrifices of their jobs, family lives, general well being to take a leap of faith with you. Mine didn't work out and I am more upset about how I've been treated by your coaches. Having to sit across from someone...

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    NYC Teaching Fellows2017-08-20
2 Bewertungen gefunden