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    „Don't waste your time here”

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    Working on highly anticipated games, decent benefits and most beverages are free A free copy of the game once it's released Some of your colleagues are really cool, smart and hardworking people


    It's pure chaos. There is no organization whatsoever while employees are required to put in ridiculous amounts of overtime (which is monitored by management) Managers will talk a big game but never actually follow up on items they claim they will follow up on which you will get blamed for. Management refuses to accept responsibility for their own actions and instead choose to throw subordinates under the bus with... higher ups Cliques and favoritism are rampant. If you're into playing politics and know how to boot lick you'll be fine though your manager will still gossip about you. If not, managers will bully you until you quit or they can get you fired Elitist management which insists they know best even though most of them don't. Your competence will always be questioned no matter how good a job you do. Some managers are very obviously threatened that you can do their job better than they can and will act accordingly HR retaliation is an open secret within the company. Just because HR is a woman doesn't mean she's going to help you if you have issues with your toxic manager Everyone hates/fears New York yet very obviously wish they were New York. Some managers purposely and willfully refuse to provide accurate information to New York to foster an adversarial environment with the head studio

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    Rat an das Management

    You don't care about improving the work environment so there's no point in giving advice

    Rockstar San Diego2018-07-01
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    „Good experience”

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    The benefits and working on cool projects.


    Not much other the long hours.

    Rockstar San Diego2019-04-09
  2. „A little Chaotic, but enjoyable”

    • Work-Life-Balance
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    Open communication of deliverables, good peer relationships.


    A little chaotic during releases, but that's to be expected

    Rockstar San Diego2019-03-26

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