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    „Good company for extroverts and single 20-somethings”

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    Ehem. Mitarbeiter - Environmental Engineer 
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    Ich habe für mehr als ein Jahr bei Langan Engineering and Environmental Services gearbeitet (Vollzeit)


    Good benefits Comp time & flexible schedule Fair pay Staff are generally friendly and inclusive Higher-up management is awesome.


    Work life balance can suffer greatly with 50-hour+ weeks and on-call weekends the norm, not the exception, in certain positions. Misled about project role during interview Have witnessed a lot of scapegoating and general nitpicking over small things to the point staff leave. Can be overwhelming for introverts If you complain of burn-out, it is treated as a weakness and "noticed". If you want to turn... down a role due to oher health or family obligations, you may slowly be phased into it regardless. Very corporate Some managers tear down their staff for small things and consistently berate them with direct or indirect, snide and condescending remarks and email (e.g. jokes about people's weight, religion, intellect or life choices). Push for health and safety, yet managers will fun people on consecutive 16-hr days and wonder why work quality suffers

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    Rat an das Management

    The company is nice overall. CEO and upper management are awesome. There are a few who have exhibited a pattern of bad behavior toward staff level employees. Try to fix the work/life balance. Do not treat burn-out like a 4-letter word. We will all die and each one of us is replaceable. The last thing I ever want is to regret not spending that time with the ones I love and care for outside of work.

    Langan Engineering and Environmental Services2019-02-23

    Reaktion von Langan Engineering and Environmental Services

    February 28, 2019Vice President, Human Resources

    We welcome and appreciate receiving reviews from our current and former employees and are pleased that you enjoyed our benefits program, flexible work schedules, and compensatory time while you were employed at Langan. We also appreciate your positive comments regarding upper management here at Langan. We realize there may be times when work is required outside of normal business hours due to project commitments. We try, however, to limit the number of overtime hours and to accommodate family obligations and other factors as they occur. Your statement regarding the alleged behavior of some managers is concerning and such behavior is inconsistent with our commitment to fostering a workplace where all employees are treated with respect. We will take steps to investigate your allegations and take appropriate action if necessary. Thank you for your review.

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  1. „Mobbing und Vorsätzliches Verhalten”

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    Ich arbeite bei Langan Engineering and Environmental Services (Vollzeit)


    Die Arbeit an den Uhrwerken ist wirklich schön.


    Vorenthalten von Informationen, Mobbing im Unternehmen, vorallem in den einzelnen Abteilungen wie der Montage von Uhren.

    Langan Engineering and Environmental Services2019-10-08
  2. „Great People”

    Akt. Praktikant - Intern 

    Ich arbeite bei Langan Engineering and Environmental Services ()


    Had an amazing boss and I did actual work


    Not many cons within the company

    Langan Engineering and Environmental Services2019-10-15

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