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  1. HR Assistant

      Ehem. Mitarbeiter - Human Resources & Payroll Administrative 

      Ich habe für mehr als 2 Jahre bei Kew Royal Botanic Gardens gearbeitet ()


      Beautiful place to work, walking through the gardens first thing in the morning when it's just you is an amazing feeling


      Public sector so benefits package isn't amazing

      Kew Royal Botanic Gardens2017-05-16
    1. Years service didn't really count for anything

      • Work-Life-Balance
      • Kultur & Werte
      • Karrieremöglichkeiten
      • Vergütung und Zusatzleistungen
      • Führungsebene
      Ehem. Mitarbeiter - Manager in Kew, England
      Empfiehlt nicht
      Positive Prognose
      Stimmt gegen Geschäftsführer

      Ich habe für mehr als 9 Jahre bei Kew Royal Botanic Gardens gearbeitet (Vollzeit)


      Yes, it's a beautiful place to work but unless you work in the actual gardens, you get to see very little of them! You are constantly busy so time goes quickly


      You are just a number, not an employee or person. They don't treat their staff very well at all & certainly don't value the incredible contribution their staff make.

      Rat an das Management

      Understand that staff who have improved morale will want to work harder & make more money for the charity. If you keep taking away staff benefits & getting staff to work for less, they won't be as motivated.

      Kew Royal Botanic Gardens2018-10-16
    2. The Orangery

        Ehem. Mitarbeiter - Anonymer Mitarbeiter 

        Ich habe bei Kew Royal Botanic Gardens gearbeitet ()


        Nice location Lots of teamwork


        Very busy and tiring, times when it was short staffed and lots of tourists Lots of multi tasking Late breaks, starting at 10am then having a break at 3/4pm

        Kew Royal Botanic Gardens2018-04-09

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