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    „Toxic, Hostile, Manipulative, Etc.”

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    Ich habe weniger als ein Jahr bei Grubhub gearbeitet - Vollzeit


    The pay is competitive and benefits are decent, although the healthcare is several steps below most of what I've experienced. Free food is good too, I guess.


    Everything else. This was the worst job experience I've ever had. I hesitate to go into my full position or office location for fear of further retaliation, but suffice it to say that upper management and HR completely dismissed multiple complaints of harassment, unprofessional behavior, and discrimination that I raised, instead retaliating against me, working together to make my life a living hell by gaslighting me and undermining my authority and respect until I either quit or had such a severe nervous breakdown that my work suffered and they could fire me.

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    When someone comes to you with reports of harassment and discrimination, you need to LISTEN TO THEM! TAKE THEM SERIOUSLY! What you did was illegal and you know it. I don't have any more advice for a company with morals this poor. It's not worth my time or yours.

  1. „great side hustle”

    Akt. befristeter Mitarbeiter - Delivery Driver 

    Ich arbeite bei Grubhub -


    you make your own schedule


    wear and tear on car

  2. „Delivery Driver Review”

    Ehem. befristeter Mitarbeiter - Delivery Driver in Tacoma, WA

    Ich habe für mehr als ein Jahr bei Grubhub gearbeitet -


    I learned to assist multiple customers and multitask


    it was hard to get hours on a consistent basis

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