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    „great experience, fun environment”


    Ich habe bei Amplefuture gearbeitet -


    great colleagues, diverse projects to work on


    not as much technology innovation

  1. „Never ever again!”

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    Ich habe weniger als ein Jahr bei Amplefuture gearbeitet - Vollzeit


    Some great people (a few)


    Very incestuous environment, literally screwing the crew. Very little innovation, very little technology, could be so much better/smarter but the owner wouldn't know how. A bully style culture, things are done purely because of who you know Ridiculous hours, anything under a 10 hour day and you're slacking

    Rat an das Management

    Actually listen to your staff, try to understand the rationale for doing stuff and why they are bringing it to you. Don't just accept that 'thats because we've always done it', by that logic we should all be living in caves.


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