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  • www.iqmetrix.com
  • Vancouver, Kanada
  • 201 bis 500 Mitarbeiter
  • 1999
  • Privatunternehmen
  • Unternehmenssoftware & Netzwerklösungen
  • 100 bis 500 Millionen $ (USD)

KonkurrentenB2B Soft, Vend by Lightspeed
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With our retail POS and management solutions found in over 20,000 stores, iQmetrix’s software is designed to power specialty retailers. From wireless dealers and repair shops to home goods, liquor stores, and everything in between, we support retailers who are focused on ...
Leitbild: Our core purpose is to create great experiences. Through our product, people and work culture.

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Chris Krywulak
Chris Krywulak
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  1. Vorstellungsgespräch für eine Beschäftigung als Senior Developer

    Anonymer Mitarbeiter in Winnipeg, MB
    Angebot abgelehnt
    Positive Erfahrung
    Durchschnittl. Gespräch

    Ich habe mich online beworben. Der Vorgang dauerte 2 Wochen. Vorstellungsgespräch absolviert im Apr 2021 bei iQmetrix (Winnipeg, MB)


    30 minute intro phone call with an hr person to introduce the hiring process and do a general fit check. Questions like "what do you know about us", "why you want to work here" etc.
    Next a 60 minute cultural interview with a manager and a trainer to ask about your values. Questions - what would you ask our CEO, what's important in a workplace, describe a time when..., what did you do, if you started your own company, what would the core values be.
    Next a 2h technical interview with a team lead, and a dev manager. Questions were : what do you think of this system interaction diagram? How would you solve this problem, what difficulty would you expect. Then it was a live coding demo with C# visual studio. I was presented with a list of unit tests, then asked to code a solution which can pass the unit tests. The question was basic, and they were just watching to see how I looked at the problem, thought about the solution, and coded / debugged. I finished early and then they offered to answer any questions I had.
    As I post this, I'm waiting to see if I get an offer, so ignore that

    How would you move an application to the cloud, and how would you make it scalable to expand a service to thousands of additional customers? What challenges would you predict encountering?

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  • iQmetrix Makes PROFIT 500 List of Canada's Fastest-Growing CompaniesProfit 5002016
  • TIA Award for Excellence in Product InnovationBCTIA2015

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