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Growing from a pioneer in e-commerce to an integrated fashion platform with 45 million active customers within just over than 10 years, we’ve learned that openness and trust are more powerful than a controlling approach. With a strong workforce of around 16,000 employees of ...

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November 20, 2020
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In our consumer-facing marketing initiatives, we are striving to show our support for diversity and inclusion in all areas of life, address societal problems, openly stand with minority communities, and speak up against injustice and inequality.
More Inclusive Marketing and Communications | Diversity & Inclusion at Zalando
November 20, 2020
KEY NOT FOUND: company-updates.categories.diversity-and-inclusion
Did you know that our Zalando workforce includes citizens of 139 countries? 51% of our employees are from outside of Germany, with particularly high representation from Poland (7%), France (4%), and Italy (3%).
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Robert Gentz
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Apr 24, 2021 - Social Media Manager in Berlin, Berlin


Top alles super. Lohn auch ok


Grosse Unternehmen, nicht so persönlich
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At Zalando, we strive to be a diverse and inclusive company because we are convinced that it will make us a more successful business in the long term. Embracing diversity and inclusivity will allow us to understand the broad and diverse customer base that we serve in a fuller, more holistic way.

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  1. Vorstellungsgespräch für eine Beschäftigung als Senior Software Engineer

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    First round codility test, which some what medium difficulty. After clearing first you'll be interviewed with screening round where again you'll be writing codes. After positive feedback you need to give 4 more rounds in which 1 round for coding again, 1 design, 1 general tech (basic java, DS/Algo), 1 HM round.

    With this level of complexity it will 90% luck, 10% your own effort will be the possibility to clear all the interviews.

    For me design round person was expecting something else so need to constantly ask him "is this correct/is this meeting your expectation/". He asked to design swagger for API's. Have something in mind regarding this otherwise you'll hear "Have you not worked on REST api's in past". Common you are asking this from a 10 years experienced candidate in java tech. (when the whole world is working on REST api's).

    At the end of interview they wont return back with pass/fail. After seeing other reviews, I didn't bother to ask them.

    If you are done with all interviews probably don't waste your energy in asking the recruiter to provide feedback, which will never come in your life if you have not cleared (remember 90% luck and 10% your effort factor).

    In the design round they ask majorly eCommerce design probably they are better and more comfortable in that area.

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