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We have grown from a pioneer in e-commerce to become the most innovative fashion platform in Europe. Zalando, founded in Berlin in 2008, is a leading European online platform for fashion and lifestyle. We bring head-to-toe fashion to over 50 million active customers in 25 ...

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23. November 2022
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We strive to be inclusive by design. Being #7 on Forbes' list of the 'World’s Top Female-Friendly Companies' is an honor, as we continue to work on our inclusive policies, our women in tech & women in leadership commitments. To our D&I report visit: https://corporate.zalando.com/en/dobetter-diversity-inclusion-report-2022 #doBETTER
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16. November 2022
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Last year, we published our do.BETTER strategy, reflecting our commitment to build a company in which respect and inclusive behavior are second nature. Today, we released our Diversity & Inclusion Report 2022, in which we share our progress and highlight our key projects and initiatives from the past year. We also identify some key challenges and set out pointers for what is to come. We are committed to creating an inclusive workplace for our talents, accelerating leadership accountability and diversity, providing inclusive experiences and content for our customers, and fostering D&I in the wider fashion industry together with our partners. #doBETTER #InsideZalando
Shared image - do.BETTER - Diversity & Inclusion Report 2022
do.BETTER - Diversity & Inclusion Report 2022

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Embracing diversity is critical to growing our business and building world-class teams. At Zalando, we want to empower people to express themselves, from our own employees to our customers and partners. We aim to actively contribute to a world where everyone feels included and valued. That’s why we are dedicated to foster an inclusive company culture that welcomes different perspectives and connects people with various backgrounds. We are proud that people from more than 140 different countries choose to work at Zalando. 

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