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  • 2017
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At Webull, we believe that everyone should have an equal opportunity to control their own financial future. In order to make this a reality, we work tirelessly to make sure all the key trading features (a comprehensive news cycle, real-time market data, and analytical tools) ...

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Anthony Denier
Anthony Denier
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  1. Vorstellungsgespräch als Data Strategy Analyst

    Anonymer Mitarbeiter in New York, NY
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    Ich habe mich online beworben. Vorstellungsgespräch absolviert bei Webull Financial (New York, NY)


    The whole interview process was very unpleasant. The interviewers were very unprofessional. At the beginning of the interview, she didn't say hello to me or introduce herself; she just asked me to introduce myself. SHE LOWERED HER HEAD when I was answering questions, and I could clearly feel her looking at her phone and chatting with others. During the live zoom coding, not only did she not have any interaction with me, but she also made a lot of noise. After the interview, I said goodbye to her and wished her well, but she immediately went offline. This interview annoyed me. I feel like she did not respect me and my time.

    In addition, this company has a problem with JD. JD did not mention ds and ml-related requirements. Why, in the interview process, ask so much about ds content? If this position is biased towards the ds position, then the base salary is very unreasonable, much lower than the average market price.

    So I have blocklisted this company. I definitely recommend you do not accept an interview with this company. It really wastes your valuable

    1: introduce myself 2: data science algorithm 3: sql (join, group by) 4: live coding

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