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Computer-Hardware & -Software
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  • „Beware of liars”

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    1. Open culture
    2. Directors are friendly
    3. A decent number of leaves
    4. A few product teams are amazing, like dot sale, msg91


    The company does not have many flaws as such. But I would talk about some matters that should be kept before joining:

    1. The company does not have a grievance redressal policy. The team managers will have unanimous powers to deal with the situation, even when they are involved in the mess.

    2. They claim to have a notice period of one month, but they will NOT RELIEVE you till they find your replacement and get them trained by you. This may take way more than the due period, and since they’ll hold your salary, there is nothing you can do about it.

    3. What is “said” by them does not have a bearing, until it is in their favour. They may lie in front of your face and you will not be able to do anything but watch it happen.

    4. Boss is always right, ALWAYS

    5. There is a policy of double deduction if you can’t convince them for your leave, i.e. they will deduct salary for two present days along with your leave.

    Rat an das Management

    1. Grievances should be handled by a third person, and not the person involved.
    2. Knowing the incompetent people and still compromising the competent ones to cater to personal relations with them is probably not going to help in the long run.

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Walkover Web Solutions-Foto von: Let's go Angular! #WalkoverTechWorkshop
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    Applied from naukari. Got a call immediately to appear for a coding challange on hackerrank.
    After the coding challange, the interview process started. It was a telephonic interview.
    TBH, it was the WORST interview experience I ever had.
    The interviewer was rude, having one dimensional thought process, eager to make assumption and conclusions and mostly by the book.
    He does not let me complete my answers and tried to conclude on half way. Does not let you explain yourself and put his words in your mouth.
    The questions were easy, one puzzle based on pNc which I didn't answered correctly.

    If you are appearing for a java/spring dev
    1. Prepare OOPS concept.
    2. Basics of spring
    3. Some 10th standard mathematics.

    Though I suggest to look for better place to as I can sense the working environment will be a lot terrible if you have these kind of interviewers working along with you in team.

    Best of luck!

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