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Mississauga, ON (Kanada)
1.001 bis 5.000 Mitarbeiter
Gemeinnützige Organisation
1 bis 2 Milliarden € (EUR) pro Jahr


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Einladung zum Vorstellungsgespräch

Einladung zum Vorstellungsgespräch




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    Der Vorgang dauerte mehr als 1 Woche. Vorstellungsgespräch absolviert bei Toronto Pearson.


    First step- instead of an over the phone interview, they send you a link for a webcam/audio interview over the computer. Was sent generic questions, voice record your answer click submit took all of 15 mins.

    Second step- was invited to go for an in person interview, with a group of 7-8 others,(still had another week of interviews) we showed up was given 25 mins to go out and speak to current employees. That was when I felt things weren’t going to go good, As soon as we met the guys their first question was “Everyone who gets to this point knows someone, so who do you know?” And I don’t know anyone.

    Third step- you are then brought into a waiting area, while waiting we spoke to each other, and I learned only myself and another candidate had airport experience. Also learned from one of the guys who knew one of the recruiters that it’s normal that over 80% of the applicants don’t have airport experience. After about 15 mins we were handed a test. The test is pretty simple if you have worked in airport environment.

    Fourth step- went into an interview with 2 people, first we discussed the results of the test, I scored perfect, was told I was the only person to score perfect on the test(to that point.) So I felt like things turned to my favour. Then we started with the generic behaviour questions, but with almost every answer I gave, one of the interviewers would respond by turning my words negatively and then hastily move on or rephrase the question. I answered about 15 or so behavioural questions but it felt like more. I understand follow up questions, but when it feels like the interviewer is attacking everything you say, it’s hard too concentrate. Made me feel very awkward and unsure of myself. Never had a recruiter that aggressive. Then I felt I rebounded when they started asking questions about the position, I had done a lot of research and spoke to people in the role, just knew the job very well. But the damage was done.

    All in all a pretty negative experience, from learning that majority of the candidates had 0 airport experience, and you need to know someone to get in. But the worst part was the fact that the interviewer was probably the most ignorant and aggressive person to ever interview me.

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