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Thoughtworks is a global technology consultancy that integrates strategy, design and engineering to drive digital innovation. For 28+ years, our clients have trusted our autonomous teams to build solutions that look past the obvious. Here, computer science grads come together ...
Leitbild: Our mission is to create an extraordinary impact on the world through our culture and technology excellence.

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12. Dezember 2022
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We are very excited to be one of Germany’s most LGBTIQ+ friendly 11 employers according to the PRIDE Index of Uhlala Group! This recognition means a lot to us as we, as a company and community, want to be a place where each and everyone is empowered to be fully themselves, regardless of who they love, how they identify, or who they are. While we are very happy about the great result, we know that there is still a lot to do. So we will do whatever it takes to work for an equal and just future for everyone! #LGBTIQ #diversity #DEI #PrideIndex
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5. Dezember 2022
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We are thrilled to announce that Thoughtworks Germany has been once again recognized as a Great Place to Work-Certified™ company! This award is based on feedback from Thoughtworkers and therefore especially important to us. We are grateful for our vibrant community that makes Thoughtworks extraordinary. #GPTWcertified #LifeAtThoughtworks
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Guo Xiao
Guo Xiao
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„Unique culture“

2. März 2022 - Anonymer Mitarbeiter in Stuttgart
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- Responsible tech
- Unique culture
- Flat management
- Great TWers


The fun of the day-to-day work depends a lot on the project and the client
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Vielfalt – Initiativen und Programme

Diversity, equity and inclusion have the power to create transformative social change.

This is why we aim to include all of society, both in our community and through our tech. This is why we reject discrimination. This is why we give people a place to belong and grow, to be respected, safe and valued. And together we strive to have an extraordinary impact on the world.

How we do it:

1. nurture diverse talent

2. inclusion and belonging

3. promotion and opportunities

4. employee retention and HR policies

Our goal is to achieve 40% female representation in technical positions by the end of 2022. Each of our regions has an additional

diversity equity and inclusion at Thoughtworks

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    They have a state of the art process where candidate can schedule own interview.
    I don't see sense in this.
    2 people are in parallel going to check how u code, unfortunately they fail to explain the task to be done.

    there was a program assigned with a lot of coding issues

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  • Great Place to Works Certified - GermanyGreat Place to Work2022
  • PRIDE Index - One of Germany’s most LGBTIQ+ friendly 11 employersUhlala Group2022

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