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London, England (Vereinigtes Königreich)
1 bis 50 Mitarbeiter
5 bis 10 Millionen $ (USD) pro Jahr
McKinsey & Company, CEB, Accenture

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Roger Philby
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    „If you know what's best for you, avoid this company.”

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    - There were once some nice people
    - Lunches (though only on Mondays)


    If you are serious about pursuing a job in Industrial/Organizational Psychology please know that nothing about this business model is scientifically sound, nor based upon any rigorous research. The "IP" was drawn up by an individual with no credentials. Though there was once a great group of scientists in the business who were trying their hardest to validate this model, the work was being done as an afterthought. It’s not possible, even for the most skilled practitioner, to validate a framework in reverse.

    If the fallacy of their product is not bad enough, their capacity as a business adds insult to injury:
    - Financial ability and operational knowledge is zero to none, profit and loss is hardly monitored, and frivolous spending is bread & butter for this company (for example, in a period when the company was going through extreme financial difficulty the CEO went on a lavish “sales” trip around the US, on company money, and came back with no leads).

    - In 2017 three pay checks were missed, and although people did finally get paid it was after a seriously long and embarrassing delay.

    - Managers are incompetent and micromanage their employees.

    - Leadership readily lie to employees about the state of the business.

    - The culture is that of a cult, and your performance is often based by how much you are liked, as opposed to how well you perform.

    - If this is still not enough, you will likely be paid below market standard for your role (that is, if you get paid at all.)

    - Beware also of fake reviews and coercion – it’s common practice for management to write fake Glassdoor reviews and appeal to employees to do the same.

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The Chemistry Group-Foto von: Roger presenting to the company
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The Chemistry Group-Foto von: Our Office
The Chemistry Group-Foto von: Our Office
The Chemistry Group-Foto von: Roger kicking things off in the quarterly business update
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    I applied through Workable via their website after doing some research about what the company does. I was really enthusiastic about their product and their company ethos so spent quite a long time writing a cover letter as well as providing an extensive and thoughtful answer to the question 'Why do you want to work for Chemistry?'

    I sent all this through at midnight on a Saturday and by Sunday afternoon, had an email thanking me for my application and sending through an online Culture Fit assessment link. I was of two minds about this - was it a bad sign that someone in HR was working on a Sunday afternoon? But as I was keen, I looked at it as 'at least I don't have to wait until Monday to hear'. I completed the online assessment which didn't take too long and it posed some interesting work/colleague scenarios. You receive a report immediately giving you the results which I enjoyed reading and found interesting. I also felt that the report results did accurately reflect my personality (I came out very high on flexibility, transparency and curiosity).

    I received a generic email Monday morning saying: "After reviewing your application, we don’t feel we have the right opportunity for you in the business at the moment." While grateful that the process only took a few days, it struck me that the response wasn't reflective of the role that I had applied for (I had applied for a specific job they posted and the reply didn't fit). I came away thinking that they are taking a sort of 'fast food' approach to hiring and in hindsight, I can see that it is not the company for me.

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  • Employer of the Year, European Business Awards, 2013

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