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Paris (Frankreich)
1.001 bis 5.000 Mitarbeiter
100 bis 500 Millionen € (EUR) pro Jahr
Talan berät Unternehmen, unterstützt sie und setzt ihre Transformationsprojekte in Frankreich und international um. Die Gruppe ist hauptsächlich in Bereichen involviert, die mit dem technologischen Wandel großer Gruppen ... Mehr lesen

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Talan Président Mehdi Houas
Mehdi Houas
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    „A Glorified Staffing Company with Mandatory Monthly CEO to Client Manager Meetings at Client Location”

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    Ehem. Mitarbeiter - Junior Consultant in New York, NY (Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika)
    Ehem. Mitarbeiter - Junior Consultant in New York, NY (Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika)
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    -Good point of entry for college grads


    -You're long-term staffed at a client. This isn't a true consultancy - you don't make a bonus and aren't paid if you aren't on a client site, only some benefits in package differentiate this from a staffing company
    -You have 0 career development due to the above if you and your client aren't a good match. Talan will not move you to something in your better interests as they're more interested in making a lasting relationship with the client
    -If client terminates the contract when you put in your two-week, Talan will end your employment as well and not pay you for the last two weeks. Summary: you get punished for leaving respectfully by putting in a standard two-week notice

    Rat an das Management

    -I referred someone into my client site and confirmed to Talan the client was willing to hire them. Talan deemed this person to not meet their requirements although consultants at Talan usually only ever work on one project in their employment, and the client ended up bringing the person in through another staffing company. Thus, I lost out on a referral bonus. Please better develop your talent inquisition process.
    -Sometimes a client and consultant aren't a good fit. After a management change on a client site is a great reason. If the change is not in the consultant's career developing interest, forcing them to stay there or find a new job isn't good for either party.
    -Stop changing your policies in the middle of the year when you can't bring in the revenue because of high turnover. Making it impossible to take a vacation day without 2 sets of approvals and messages while ON vacation because the process wasn't done correctly on the management side will ensure your employees don't feel valued.

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    Ich habe mich online beworben. Vorstellungsgespräch absolviert bei Talan.


    Very positive approach from the interviewer`s perspective, competency based questions, assertive communication skills from both sides. Did not receive any feed back for several days after. After making contact myself, I was drawn into thinking I was not aware of the timing for the selection process. rather than apologising for the delay in processing my application, the company`s representative tried to make me feel in a negative way for expressing my feedback following the interview.

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  • 8ème Best Workplaces en France, catégorie plus de 500 salariés 2018, Great Place to Work, 2018
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