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Tampa, FL (Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika)
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Sybase, Verisign

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Syniverse-Foto von: Syniverse 24/7 Service Operation Center
Syniverse-Foto von: Opening Ceremony of the Syniverse Costa Rica Office
Syniverse-Foto von: Inside the Syniverse Costa Rica Office
Syniverse-Foto von: Syniverse at Mobile World Congress Shanghai
Syniverse-Foto von: Inside the Syniverse Costa Rica Office
Syniverse-Foto von: Inside Costa Rica Office
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Einladung zum Vorstellungsgespräch





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    Ich habe mich online beworben. Vorstellungsgespräch absolviert bei Syniverse.


    I applied through Syniverse web site.
    The first contact was initiated by phone via HR in about week or so, so that was very quick.

    Initially, they were very interested in my candidacy and assigned three interviews in a row. So that was also a very good sigh. Normally, an employer would assign one interview after another.

    I was supposed to talk to the hiring manager first and then to two other employees. But the hiring manager asked to reschedule his interview, therefore the first person I had a chance to talk with was a non-decision maker, a guy who was simply added to this interview process to assess my messaging skills. He came unprepared for the interview and did not read my resume so it felt like he is indifferent whether or not someone will be hired for this role. So, that was the first bell that I had to pay attention to. If people are coming to the interview unprepared and not motivated, then something is wrong with the culture and internal atmosphere there. We talked about 1 hour with a guy, he did not ask me any question at all. I asked him several times explicitly what do you expect from the candidate? He was not able to name the skills and knowledge that candidates might possess for this role. He was barely able to squeeze some requirements that the candidate must have after my third attempt of asking this question. But his requirements were very general. He said, "I need someone who knows systems". Can you imagine? Someone who knows systems! and that's all. Which systems? I was expecting more specifics because this role was supposed to serve a very specific segment of their business - messaging systems. So, I was ready to talk hours about it. But it looks like the guy was very old and his vision was about "systems". I did not pursue that further, because I realized it is not going to happen anyway. He was literally indifferent.

    I talked to HR about this incident, I explained that interview was very much like a fake interview. It looks like they have already selected someone for this role and for some reason they just need to show an interview process. And HR reacted immediately. They said it is not the case, and they are really looking for a candidate, so it is not a fake interview at all. They also said I am considered pretty much as the best candidate for this role and now they do not have anyone better. That was good stuff to know. So, they assigned me an interview with some VP next. We did an interview the next day and it looked like it passed overall well. I still had two more interviews in the coming days and HR has confirmed that.

    But, unexpectedly I received a mail from HR saying "Thank you for taking the time to interview with Syniverse. Regrettably, we have decided to move forward with another candidate that is better aligned with this positions requirements. If you find another role at Syniverse in which you are interested, we encourage you to apply! Thank you again for your interest in Syniverse."

    That was a surprise for me because 2 days ago I was the best candidate and they did not have anyone who seems better according to HR and today they already hired someone. I wrote an email to HR about my frustration, never received any answer back.
    But now I am sure, I will never apply for Syniverse again. People with a bad attitude working there.

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    • My interviewer came unprepared and he did not have any specific questions to me   1 Antwort
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  • Best Solution Vendor, International MVNO Industry Awards, 2014
  • Top Workplaces, The Tampa Bay Times, 2014
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