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Markham, ON (Kanada)
1 bis 50 Mitarbeiter
Weniger als 1 Million € (EUR) pro Jahr


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    „Worst job for some, best job for others!”

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    Sulon provides great opportunities for those who are expert in their respective fields, but don't mind the salary of a junior position.
    For those who want to experience the working culture/condition of a developing countries, but don't want the hassle of traveling abroad, this would be the perfect place for you! By the same token, new immigrant who need to secure an income and a first job in the country would find this a perfect job.

    The young management deities here are a super dedicated bunch! They just love the "hands on" approach. Are you an expert in your field? Not anymore! But don't worry, our great leader/CEO would be here to educate and guide you.

    Employees here also get free snacks from Costco! And if you decided to "voluntarily" stay for over time, you might even get free dinner! Of course some lazy bunch won't be able to volunteer and "push through" a 10+ hours day, but thanks to the awesome management team, they won't be seen no more!

    Crunch time is nonexistent in this company, since you're expected to "push through" everyday anyway. Some were expected to come in on the weekends and holidays (like Christmas/New Year, etc.), so if you don't like your spouse or family in particular, this job would give you a good excuse.

    You co-workers here are incredible. Everyone here are "given" a really grand vision at the beginning during the hiring process, so people are genuinely enthusiastic to give their best. At least after they got burned out by the ever changing management decisions, and their micromanaging approach.

    This job would also prepare you to be immune to the shock of seeing your co-worker (or yourself) leaving/let go from the company. Seeing someone starts working on Monday, and then leave the company the next might be shocking for some, but not for a veteran employees of Sulon. On top of that, you can also meet a lot of new people in a short amount of time without committing to remembering their names!

    The CEO is really amazing. He's super young and dreamy. And most important of all, he seems to possess this supernatural ability to manipulate others and make up stories on the fly! He would give you a grand vision, and make you belief that this is the best place to be on earth. He can make you believe that the company will become the next Oculus. He can also make you believe that you will own part of the company in the future, but in reality, only the management team does. Our great leader also never make mistakes! It's always someone else. Isn't that amazing?! Just look at the 5 and 4 stars given here, and you'll see what I mean.

    There are numerous gatherings for current and ex Sulon employees to "praise" the wonderful leader/CEO. This kind of unity among current and ex employees is really hard to come by, it's part of Sulon's unique culture/legacy!


    This job might not suit you if you're not a masochist.
    If you're afraid that part of your salary might go into a higher tax bracket, stay away!
    If you want to work on something real and not just an ever-changing dream, then this is not a good job for you.

    Rat an das Management

    Good work on the 5,4 star posts! Keep them up to balance out the 1 stars!

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    Ich habe mich persönlich beworben. Der Vorgang dauerte 2 Wochen. Vorstellungsgespräch absolviert bei Sulon Technologies.


    I had two interviews one via Skype and the other one was on site with the CTO. The first interview had a lot of questions about geometry, probability, and programming. I had a positive experience for it. The other interview was horrible, the CTO was disrespectful.

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