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We’re just an insurance company known for Flo, our friendly Superstore employee? Rethink Progressive. We’re so much more than that, and the careers and culture we offer might surprise you. For more than 80 years, Progressive has offered a wide range of insurance choices to ...

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Tricia Griffith
Tricia Griffith
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Die Ausbildung ist die beste der Branche; 401k-Matching und die Zusatzleistungen sind gut. Das Unternehmen hat ambitionierte Ziele und eine rosige Zukunft. Die operative Führungsebene ist fantastisch.


Die Work-Life-Balance ist in manchen Bereichen des Unternehmens mangelhaft. In manchen Teilen des Landes gibt es aufgrund der vergleichsweise niedrigen Bezahlung, bei gleichzeitig höherem

Rat an das Management

Das Sprichwort, dass Leute „Manager, nicht Unternehmen" verlassen, stimmt hier. Ich kenne viele Leute, die das Unternehmen lieben, aber schlechte Manager haben, die schon viel zu lange in ihren
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  1. Vorstellungsgespräch für eine Beschäftigung als Claims Adjuster Trainee

    Anonymer Mitarbeiter in Riverview, FL
    Angebot angenommen
    Positive Erfahrung
    Schweres Gespräch

    Ich habe mich online beworben. Vorstellungsgespräch absolviert im May 2021 bei Progressive Insurance (Riverview, FL)


    This detailed review will hopefully help anyone determined to work with Progressive. I applied for the claims adjuster trainee position twice. The first assessment attempt was sep 2020, and I was declined before the video interview. When you get the assessment, you may want to take it immediately. If you are distracted, in a terrible mood or drunk (lol) do yourself a favor by waiting until able to give it your all. It involves basic math, vocab analogies, personality and a mock customer service call.

    My second attempt in May 2021 went differently. I waited until I was able to give it my full focus. The next day received the video interview invitation, and spent several days preparing. While researching interview tips, I found you tube videos by Madeline Mann- she is amazing. Because of her advice, I fine tuned my approach and prepared solid STAR answers.

    Have specific examples that are interchangeable depending on the question. A story about a time you compromised could also be a story about a time you went above and beyond, multi tasked, etc. Write your stories- describe four star steps in detail. Brag a little, yet be humble... talk about what YOU did, how you learned and grew. Focus on the resolution. Consider the role you are going for when you design your answers. My stories intentionally highlighted how I will shine as an adjuster. There is a certain level of psychological manipulation that goes into concocting these stories. That sounds bad, but it's true. Don’t say what you’re good at- make them believe it- show them by providing stories that depict exactly how and why you are great.

    Practice, record yourself and critique- whether it be posture, more smiling or less rambling. If your story is 25 seconds or longer than 3 min, edit your answers. Video interviews have an advantage because you can display notes in front of you- out of view from the camera. Make sure you don’t seem like you’re reading if you rely on your notes as heavily as I do. Be conscious of your camera placement, lighting and background. Use a PC webcam, and if you don’t know what proper positioning/lighting/backdrops should look like, do yourself a favor and research it. Oh- and dress like you would for a formal interview.

    Hirevue asks 8 questions and you have 3 minutes to answer. You get two tries- if you botch the first one and try again, it will automatically save the second. You can’t pick between the two after you do the second one- it will auto submit the second. I recommend submitting your first try unless you really mess up.

    A couple questions caught me off guard, so I sacrificed the first 3 minutes of recording time to formulate my reply. This meant I had one shot during take two, but my one attempt was ok because I took that first 3 minutes to prepare instead of fumbling through. This chance to think and re do is a huge plus compared to live interviews.

    I wish you all the best! I write this while anxiously awaiting the video interview results. I have a good feeling since I was so prepared, but that “what if I’m not good enough” fear creeps up. Let’s push those thoughts of doubt away and think good things! I plan to share this review after more steps are completed because I want to be able to check that “offer accepted” box :)

    *UPDATE:) I’m officially checking the offer accepted box and posting this review! My second interview was yesterday and it went well. Some people mention having a panel of interviewers, and I was relieved to see just one person. The interviewer was personable and easy to talk with. I expected 3 STAR questions, but she asked 5. She was patient when I needed a minute to think about my answer on a couple of those surprise questions. I fumbled a bit, told her it was a great question and admitted to being a little nervous.

    Be prepared with more detailed stories explaining how you stay organized, times you compromised, gathered info from multiple sources, had a miscommunication with a customer, made an exception/went against policy, and were unable to finish all your tasks at work. They want to know that you’re organized, helpful, able to multi task, compromise, and willing to work extra hours. Again- watch those Madeline Mann videos. She helped me a ton and it didn't cost a thing except a little time!

    I received my offer phone call today! She emailed the offer letter and background docs, and provided a start date. This was fairly quick but definitely more intense than the average hiring process. If you really want to work for Progressive and put the effort into preparing, YOU CAN DO IT!

    applied 5/11
    assessment 5/12
    Video interview invite 5/13
    Video interview completed 5/17
    2nd interview invite 5/18
    2nd interview completed 5/26
    Job offer 5/27

    Key advice :
    ⭐️Prepare detailed STAR ANSWERS-put your HEART into the stories
    ⭐️Be knowledgeable and excited about PROGRESSIVE and their CULTURE

    See above :) I shared several examples. And others posted the exact questions :)

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