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KonkurrentenSlickdealsVergleich aufstellen is an international partner network which is attentively different to other deal platforms - you won’t find lax offers, only the hottest deals by and for price-conscious users. Around the clock the community seeks and finds the best offers in fashion, electronics, ...
Leitbild: Our Vision : To be the best place for consumers to share their knowledge, learn from other experts and make the right decisions. Our Mission : To build a community driven platform consumers can trust. Enabling people to find the most relevant information while being open, ...

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Pepper Co-Founder; Co-Founder and CEO Paul Nikkel and Fabian Spielberger
Paul Nikkel and Fabian Spielberger
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    Senior PHP Developer
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    I have experience more than 10 years, and this is the best place i worked in till now. - people working together smoothly - colleagues are very nice - great place to add my values - i learned a lot. - if you work more than 8 hours, they will ask you to relax - they give me 5 days yearly to improve my quality. - they welcomed me like back to home. - they supported me to improve there product - they make hack day every 3 months, which i took it and developed something i waited for long time . - they gave me flexible to work remotely - they give me a chance to work remotely for 1 week from home, not all do. - They offered a chance to meet international colleagues from UK and Canada


    till now i could not find bad about them.

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      Anonymer Mitarbeiter in Berlin
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      The whole interview process was very professional, informative, friendly and fast. I felt in good hands at all times. Thank you Sergio, Amanda and Annika for this great pepper interview experience.

      What has been your greatest success in your current position?

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    #milestone 🎉🎉 We want to take a moment to celebrate the amazing milestone of our French deal-sharing community Dealabs for reaching 2 million users on its platform. This is an incredible accomplishment and a testament to the hard work and dedication of all teams. Since 2011, Dealabs has been dedicated to bringing deals and savings to shoppers all over France with over 1 Million verified deals and over 28 Million discussions between users sharing their expertise and money-saving tips . We want to express our sincere gratitude to all of the Dealabs users who have joined us on this incredible journey. Your support and engagement have been instrumental to our growth and success, and we could not have done it without you. To the Dealabs team, we applaud your tireless efforts to deliver a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience for our users. Your passion and hard work have made the company a fantastic platform for the community that it is today.

    Neues aus dem Unternehmen12mo

    Today marks the starts of our new alliance with Global Savings Group to unite the world's largest shopping #community with Europe's leading shopping recommendation and rewards company. This merger represents the industry's largest deal of 2022 🔥 and creates a European champion with a 🌎 global footprint. Together, we will form a multinational #technology company that will empower buyers in more than 20 markets to make better purchasing decisions, connecting brands and retailers with consumers on more than 2 billion shopping trips annually.

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