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London, England (Vereinigtes Königreich)
201 bis 500 Mitarbeiter
Computer-Hardware & -Software
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    Akt. Mitarbeiter - Senior Web Developer in Suzhou, Jiangsu (China)
    Akt. Mitarbeiter - Senior Web Developer in Suzhou, Jiangsu (China)
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    I am an engineer. When I entered the company, there were only about ten people at that time. Now it has developed to more than 800 people. The company's annual sales are increasing. Although the occasionally set goal is not achieved, it is still increasing every year.
    The first thing that attracted me was the company's culture and harmonious atmosphere. Everyone worked hard for a common goal. The boss also said many times that if he didn't study and improve himself, he would be our ceiling. So our company later set up a study day, many internal lecturers and external invited lecturers give us training to improve our skills. With the increase of sales, the welfare of employees is also getting better. The chair for engineers is the electric racing chair. The company provides snacks, sports equipment, bathrooms, birthday parties, annual physical examination and so on. Now there are more subsidies for overtime meals than before. After all these years of observation, the company is getting better every year.


    In recent years, the company has recruited a large number of management, with few internal promotions. It's not that our old employees have no ability, but because the company is like a parent, we are like children, we grow up a little every day, and parents can't feel it. Only the long-term missing children see it one day, and then find out, yo, this child is so big! A large number of managers are recruited, many of them are unqualified, unable to understand the company's culture. After one or two years of employment, or even within a shorter time, they quit or were dismissed. The new executives are often doing PPT, in meetings, not many people really understand the product.

    Rat an das Management

    1. It is recommended that the company give more opportunities to the Established Staff, instead of always thinking about recruiting management from the outside. Many internal employees have good abilities, but they lack an opportunity. The management of external recruitment does not really understand the company, does not necessarily understand the company's culture. From the departure or transfer of some management, we can see that they are not better than the internal staff.
    2. It is suggested that the company provide a feedback window, so that the bottom employees have the opportunity to reflect some problems, rather than waiting for the employees to leave and complaining about the company's bad online. Only when problems are exposed can they be solved. If there are any problems, they are not afraid. Even if no one raises them, after all, no company is perfect.

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    Recruiter was quick to respond and asked me about salary expectations, notice period and when I would be available for a phone interview the next day. I replied within an hour, but then received no further response. A few days later I was called up during work hours, so we agreed that he would call me later that same day. No call received, and no response given via email either. At that point I decided that this company was not of interest to me and I pursued other offers instead.

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  • The Sunday Times Tech Track 100, Sunday Times, 2018
  • EY Entrepreneur of the Year Winner, EY, 2018

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