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Next Big Thing (NBT) is a Berlin-based IoT and blockchain company builder designing ventures to support entrepreneurial success, deliver innovation strategies for corporate partners, and support the growth of Europe’s digital economy. We are building the digital future ... Mehr lesen

Leitbild: As Germany’s Digital Hub for IoT, we leverage our strategic network of investors, business partners, policy-makers, startups, and German SMEs to make entrepreneurship more accessible while translating new technologies into value. We shape the future of the Internet of ... Mehr lesen

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Harald Zapp
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    Akt. Mitarbeiter - NONE in Berlin
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    Ich arbeite in Vollzeit bei Next Big Thing (mehr als ein Jahr)


    Relaxed working conditions. Flexible hours. Large co-working space. 2 good ventures Assistr and Metr.


    Basically there have been no new ventures come in to NBT in 2 years. It's common knowledge with NBT that the company is cash strapped. This has hindered recruitment and venture development. The CEO is hardly seen. On top of that their prize venture Weeve has just gone broke. It turns out it has produced nothing in 2 years, just a load of marketing hype. They greedily chased an IPO and with the downturn in the market since Jan 18 this endeavour failed.
    The 2 good ventures are not happy with C level management.

    Rat an das Management

    Don't be motivated by money only, but look to build important meaningful solutions which should add benifit to the world, solving global issues, and in turn, become lucrative. Good business is more than packaging just an idea, then marketing it at full throttle to get investors to bite.

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Next Big Thing-Foto von: NBT HR Team, looking for the best talent
Next Big Thing-Foto von: Our Sr. Fullstack Developer, Parag, working on tomorrows technologies at NBT Labs
Next Big Thing-Foto von: NBT's Healttech Venture, assistMe
Next Big Thing-Foto von: NBT's Blockchain Venture, weeve
Next Big Thing-Foto von: NBT IT working on finding the next IoT solution
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