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Cherry Hill, NJ (Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika)
1 bis 50 Mitarbeiter
Dienstleistungen im Gesundheitswesen & Krankenhäuser
1 bis 5 Millionen € (EUR) pro Jahr


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    „Nepotism, intimidation and lack of foresight”

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    Ehem. Mitarbeiter - Case Manager
    Ehem. Mitarbeiter - Case Manager
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    Pay was decent but you will work for it! The individuals you work closely with you will form bonds with like siblings in an abusive family.


    Staff have very little training and expectations are continually lowered with no plan to promote quality.

    They pay you to treat you poorly.

    After having dept. supervisor after supervisor leave for lower paying jobs you would think someone would be willing to make adjustments but that is not the case here. It’s a dictatorship they have their mind made up, usually based on loose concepts and banter between individuals without concrete knowledge of the particular dept., and they enforce things with authority allowing feedback just to see if you will agree with them. It seems like that’s actually all they want to hear. Even when they ask why things are going poorly and how they can change it, no effort for change is ever made and it is certainly not owned at the upper management or leadership level. The expectation is for everyone to just continue to assume more work at the lower levels even when this means working out of compliance with industry standards and not having credentialed individuals overseeing clinical services or having anyone oversee them for that matter.

    There are endless meetings in which change and improvements are discussed with no plan of implementation and typically staff turn over is so high these meetings are repeated again and again with follow through being impossible based on poor delegation. There is no accountability or quality assurance check for clinical staff and training is non existent even for supervisors.

    If you are a decent, reasonable, compassionate and/or smart person consider another company. You will not be valued here and there is no room for advancement or growth outside of their family members.

    No one in the company is actually happy, not even some of the family members that work there and they vocalize it. The ones that stay (there are not many) have made peace with being unhappy or they have sold their soul to the devil. PEDRIOD.

    After working for many companies, some in very similar roles, it was challenging to accept the culture of not caring about the team members or families we served on a long term basis. Verbally upper management expresses concern for families but the proof is not in the pudding!! They would like to see company longevity i.e. staff with poor boundaries stay with clients for extended periods of time instead of doing good work and having successful discharges.

    Never has a job been so gut wrenching that a negative Glassdoor review of this nature was needed.

    Rat an das Management

    Hire someone outside of the family to be in management, the dynamic is toxic. Also, hiring individuals that know what is going on in the industries your business operates and having the respective departments report to someone other than directly to the CEO who is the owners daughter and has no backbone may be useful in improving quality and retaining staff.

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    Was about 45 minutes long. Was asked to complete a wonderlic personnel test. HR person was friendly and very thorough. The other staff members seem to have a good working relationship

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