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51 bis 200 Mitarbeiter
Unternehmenssoftware & Netzwerklösungen
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LeanIX aspires to become the number one SaaS solution to modernize IT architectures. And we are on a good way. Hundreds of well-known brands such as adidas, Zalando, and Vodafone make better decisions in IT with LeanIX.

Leitbild: The LeanIX team is constantly growing and now has over 50 employees. Our brand new office is not only used for work, but is also home of different meetups, table tennis tournaments, beer-after-work parties or Mario-Cart competitions. A bi-weekly review meeting with the whole ... Mehr lesen

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André Christ
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    Akt. Mitarbeiter - Staff UX Designer in Bonn
    Akt. Mitarbeiter - Staff UX Designer in Bonn
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Einladung zum Vorstellungsgespräch




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    Ich habe mich online beworben. Der Vorgang dauerte eine Woche. Vorstellungsgespräch absolviert im August 2018 bei LeanIX (Bonn).


    TL;DR: There are many other companies that are far, far more worthy of your time; it is likely that yours will be wasted if you apply with LeanIX.

    For my final interview, LeanIX asked me to prepare a presentation on their product offering in a very specific format, that had a narrative behind it to portray their platform, the industry and the specific problems they claim to solve in a memorable way. I did this, and was asked to submit the presentation for review to the person who interviewed me for feedback, so that I could "experience how it would be to work in the team". I did this too, submitting a draft of the presentation, and was advised to change a number of design and formatting aspects, but received no feedback on the content. After pressing further for feedback on content and narrative, I was told 'Yes, looks good!''. No further feedback was given, thus I presumed that this person was satisfied with the content. I made a few tweaks here and there, and left it at that.

    I went to the physical interview, met staff members, and presented. It all seemed to go very well. I got good positive feedback, and one senior staff member even quipped 'hey, next time you come in, you can wear shorts!' in reference to the very hot weather and my being dressed in business attire, vs all of them wearing shorts and polo shirts. "See you very soon!" he said, as I was leaving.

    I was called the next day with the decision they had reached. The person who called to deliver the decision told me that my application had been 'rejected'... Hurtful, and highly unprofessional. The reasoning given was that both I and my presentation weren't "technical enough". However, I was tasked with producing and delivering a higher level narrative, not a low level overview / technical feature dump.

    I sought further feedback from the representative, even going so far as to ask 'could I have done anything differently yesterday in your opinion?' as this person sat in on my interview; she said 'no, the presentation was really good'.... Clearly it wasn't, if their reasoning is to be believed.

    I have a background in software development and have been in the internet industry for ten years, and in this capacity I have never been told that I'm 'not technical enough'. I believe that their requirements changed during the application process, and they were dishonest in keeping this from me. They also advised that I didn't have enough experience within the Enterprise Architecture space, something which they were very aware of before even speaking to me the first time as they had my CV.

    The deceitfulness of this process reeks of a toxic working environment which I would personally never wish to be a part of, likewise I could never trust a company that treats their potential employees like this. They expected me to become a subject matter expert within the EA field in less than a week; that is simply not possible.

    My recommendation is to be crystal clear with whomever you speak to about what they are actually looking for; don't be surprised if they don't know this themselves.

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  • Great Place to Work Certified, Great Place to Work® Institute, 2019

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