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Paris (Frankreich)
Mehr als 10.000 Mitarbeiter
Aktiengesellschaft (MC)
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5 bis 10 Milliarden € (EUR) pro Jahr
The world leader in luxury, LVMH has deployed a business model marked by dynamic growth since its creation in 1987.

The LVMH group is an ecosystem of 70 exceptional Houses that create high quality products. It is the only group present in all five major ... Mehr lesen

Leitbild: LVMH has successfully preserved a family spirit that places priority on long-term vision. The Group’s vocation is to ensure the development of each of its Houses while respecting their identities and their autonomy, providing the resources needed to create, produce and ... Mehr lesen

Aktuelles aus dem Unternehmen

  • LVMH talents came back to DARE! Our goal: reach 50/50 gender representativeness by 2020 in the LVMH Group. 750 candidates, 60 participants, 28 Maisons, 14 nationalities… From March 6 to 9, 12 teams formed by employees from LVMH and its Maisons, as well as students from Italian universities spent 3 days to turn an idea into a business plan and to build the future of gender diversity!

  • LVMH has launched the INSIDE LVMH Program, a groundbreaking program for students from 50 leading partner schools and universities in Europe, as well as interns working within the Group. Built around a digital platform, the program gives these young talents a deeper understanding of the strategic challenges in luxury, and an opportunity to propose solutions by working on the subject “Imagine the Luxury Experience of Tomorrow”. The top students will have a chance to join the 6,500 interns and 1,000 young graduates recruited each year by the Group and its Maisons around the world.

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LVMH – Warum wir?


"LVMH offers its employees a unique professional environment shaped by excellence: a universe enriched by the diversity of our Houses, their métiers and their geographic locations. A universe where every single person has the opportunity to build their own career path. A universe where men and women make the difference. Their talents are, more than elsewhere, an essential competitive asset that underpins the success of our Houses.

Creating the conditions for them to succeed within our ecosystem is a guarantee of long-term performance. This is why our ability to attract and develop the most talented people is the cornerstone of our human resources policy: we are a talent academy.

Joining LVMH means choosing a passionately stimulating environment that offers motivating career opportunities with a Group that is strongly committed to encouraging and supporting each person’s professional goals. It means becoming part of a Group that is the leader in its industry, with an unrivaled global presence, which reinvents itself every day to constantly rise to new challenges: growth, internationalization, development of physical and digital retailing, and more. It means working in richly diverse teams and interlinking our stories with those of the brands whose rich heritage we represent as we perpetuate the Future of Tradition."

Chantal Gaemperle,
Group Executive Vice President, Human Resources and Synergies

At LVMH, we are convinced that our employees make the difference, demonstrating on a daily basis behaviors that bring our fundamental values – at the very basis of our long-term performance – to life:

Creativity and innovation are part of our DNA. Over the years, they have ensured our Houses’ success and established their legitimacy. This combination of creativity and innovation is the foundation of our Houses and figures at the heart of the delicate balance required to continually renew our offer while resolutely looking to the future, always respecting our unique heritage.

At LVMH, we never compromise on quality. Because we embody the world of craftsmanship in its most noble and accomplished form, we pay meticulous attention to detail and to perfection. From products to service, we cultivate our difference through this constant quest for excellence.

LVMH has an agile and decentralized organization that encourages efficiency and responsiveness. It stimulates individual initiative by entrusting each person with significant responsibilities. Our entrepreneurial spirit encourages both risk-taking and perseverance. It requires pragmatic thinking and an ability to motivate teams, leading them to achieve ambitious objectives.

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LVMH and its Houses seek to attract, recruit and develop the most talented individuals, whatever their level of experience. The diversity of our ecosystem offers each person unparalleled career opportunities, and therefore holds a definite appeal for candidates.

The LVMH group regards diversity as a source of wealth. As such, it is committed to recruiting without discrimination on the grounds of age, gender, opinions or any other individual personal characteristic. Moreover, LVMH continually monitors whether commitments to job applicants are respected through recruitment discrimination tests. Our recruiters and managers are also trained to prevent discrimination.

The Group recruitsexceptional people capable of combining pragmatic and creative thinking with an entrepreneurial mindset and international vision. We seek people who feel a strong affinity with high-quality products. Unsurprisingly, some candidates have a background in luxury, but others have worked in innovative sectors characterized by the creativity and uniqueness of its products and services, excellence in delivery, and the quality of customer service.

Special attention is paid to induction for new employees within our Houses. Immersion in the culture, history and positioning of the House guarantees understanding of the brand’s strategy and the demands it faces, and therefore ensures performance.

As the Houses are closest to the markets and their customers’ requirements, they enjoy a very high degree of autonomy in the management of their human resources, from recruitment to career plans, including training. But as they belong to the same Group, they are also managed in a way that focuses on common values such as the paramount importance of individual talent and the firm belief that individuals can make a difference.

The priority for LVMH Human Resources is to build strong, creative and passionate teams and developing their skills through an ambitious program based on two strong levers: training and mobility.

1. Our richly varied ecosystem, with a wide range of Houses, métiers and geographic locations, offers each member of the Group unrivaled career opportunities. Annually, 2,400 managers benefit from mobility within the Group, and this figure has risen steadily in recent years. All managerial roles are concerned: for example, ¾ of general management positions are filled through internal promotions. LVMH deploys significant resources to promote and facilitate mobility: Human Resources and operational mobility committees, career interviews, the “job posting” platform on the Group Intranet, and more. This exchange of talents between companies continually brings the Group fresh energy and creativity, enriching our pool of competencies.

2. Training is an essential tool that every employee must make use of in order to develop. During the annual evaluation, managers and their teams discuss the development program to be undertaken. This must provide a solution to both each employee’s professional aspirations and the organization’s business challenges. A vast array of training programs has therefore been established by the Group, Houses and regions, in order to provide a perfect solution to the needs of each employee and each organization. A variety of themes are tackled – culture, business challenges, “métiers”, management, products – and adapted according to the level of responsibility. LVMH therefore created the LVMH House, a strategic learning platform to train its senior executive.


LVMH Bewertungen

  • „Benefit bedeutet ' sich wohlfühlen'”

    • Work-Life-Balance
    • Kultur & Werte
    • Karrieremöglichkeiten
    • Vergütung & Zusatzleistungen
    • Führungsebene
    Akt. Mitarbeiter - Counter Manager in Dortmund
    Akt. Mitarbeiter - Counter Manager in Dortmund
    Positive Prognose

    Ich arbeite in Vollzeit bei LVMH (Über 8 Jahre)


    Hochwertige Produkte, Leidenschaft für Kosmetik, Begeisterung wecken, Spaß an Kreativität und dem Wecken von Begeisterung, Benefit ist eine Erfahrung, die immer einen bleibenden Eindruck hinterlässt, wenn Mitarbeiter ihre Leidenschaft vermitteln können.


    Kleine Produktpalette, eingeschränkte Farbauswahl im dekorativen Bereich, wenig Aufstiegsmöglichkeiten, Kreativität wird gefordert, gleichzeitig durch Vorgaben etwas eingeschränkt. Service Orientierung durch Uniformierung.

    Rat an das Management

    Schaffen Sie Stellen für Aufstiegsmöglichkeiten.

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Einladung zum Vorstellungsgespräch





    Sales Development-Vorstellungsgespräch

    Anonymer Bewerber im Vorstellungsgespräch in Nürnberg
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    Negative Erfahrung
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    Ich habe mich online beworben. Der Vorgang dauerte 1 Tag. Vorstellungsgespräch absolviert im Oktober 2017 bei LVMH (Nürnberg).


    Ich wurde zum Probearbeiten zu einem Benefit Counter eingeladen. Allerdings stellte sich nach 10 Minuten fest, dass die Stelle auf die ich mich beworben hatte, nämlich als Gebietsleiterin schon an eine andere Dame vergeben wurde. Dies wurde mir aber von der zuständigen Personen aus der Personalabteilung nicht mitgeteilt, sodass ich Sie mich einen Tag lang am Counter als Verkäuferin arbeiten lassen wollten, obwohl es für eine Gebietsleiterin nicht üblich ist, nach der Festanstellung im Verkauf zu arbeiten. Meiner Meinung nach wäre in diesem Fall ein persönliches Vorstellungsgespräch viel vernünftiger. Nachdem ich dann verärgert war, dass das Unternehmen mir die Tatsache verschwiegen hat habe ich die Personalabteilung angerufen. Die Dame meinte, dass Sie allgemein bei solchen Situationen den Bewerben nicht mitteilen, dass die Stelle schon vergeben ist, weil sie immer wieder offene Stellen haben und man ja spontan den Bewerben für eine andere Stelle einsetzen könnte. Allerdings finde ich das nicht in Ordnung wenn mir statt eine Stelle als Gebietsleiterin für eine Region dann nur noch eine Stelle als Teilzeitkraft als Verkäuferin angeboten wird, wenn ich weit aus mehr Qualifikationen aufweise.

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