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New York, NY (Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika)
501 bis 1.000 Mitarbeiter
Sport und Freizeit
100 bis 500 Millionen € (EUR) pro Jahr


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    „Great if your face fits; bad if you speak out.”

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    If you manage to find the genuine people who work there then you are onto a winner; but they are few and far between these days
    Unlimited holidays and flexible working if you job allows it
    Snacks, juice, alcohol and hot drinks readily available
    Decent IT equipment offerings for staff members
    Centrally located offices


    There are many snakes in the grass so beware!
    Expectation to work yourself into the ground for little to no recognition/your work will be stolen by the higher ups and presented as their own
    Complaints about conflict/bullying are swept under the carpet; habits of victim blaming consistently displayed by senior leadership team
    No accountability for line managers, again when issues arise it is either ignored or the employee complaining is asked if it is how they are perceiving it or whether it actually happened.
    Issues with mental health and burnout are ignored; attempts to seem like they care are plentiful (forced group “chats” on mental health awareness week, creation of fake “safe spaces” ran by people who are not trusted by the staff, etc.) but all are a smokescreen to tick a box as nobody who can make a difference to the environment that is having a negative impact on employees mental health are too busy to deal with it or they simply don’t care
    Nepotism is rife; promotions and career paths are handed out depending on if you suck up to the right person/people.
    Career paths are very unclear for certain roles and change depending on the person asking for the information or simply do not exist at all. This builds resentment within the company and damages morale
    Morale used to be amazing and is now all but gone as the people who are left have been so worn down with how much the company had negatively changed over the past few years

    Rat an das Management

    Pay attention to when people make complaints; obviously it can be a lot to deal with but if you don’t at least pay attention to what they are saying then you will not notice trends where people are consistently raising concerns the same things or the same people.
    Take stock in what people say in their exit interviews; it is some of the most valuable feedback you will get as employers.
    Take bullying complaints seriously - the damage you as a company are doing by ignoring them and brushing them under the carpet can be completely catastrophic
    Please stop creating events surrounding mental health and care if you are not going to fully follow through with the system of support and change your attitude towards people who are brave enough to admit they are struggling, because by creating a faux environment of care then not actually having it can be more detrimental than just not having one at all
    You have some seriously toxic staff members who are ruining your company from the inside out; they have been left to act in such a way that they now think they are bulletproof and their behaviour has been bolstered to such a degree that they will break the rules without a care knowing there will be no consequences
    Just be better - you have lost so many amazing people over the past 24 months that if you lose the last of the team who give an honest hoot about the company then you might as well just shut up shop because you will be no better than the rest of the tech firms who don’t care about their staff and only care about the bottom line
    Also all the sports analogies you insist on crow barring into your employees day to day life are dumb - just because you do sports betting doesn’t mean it needs to be all sports all the time.

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    I applied to this position around the end of June and was sent a take home test as a prescreener. I completed it on time and sent it back. Never heard back from them. Followed up a few times and they completely ghosted me. Quite unfortunate as I spent several hours on it and felt that my work was acceptable. If they didn't think so, would have been nice to let me know that they are moving forward without me, along with some feedback. But I received nothing.

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  • The Webby Awards: People's Choice Award: Best Mobile Sports App, The Webby Awards, 2015
  • 100 Brilliant Companies, Entrepreneur Magazine, 2015
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