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  • Bremen, Deutschland
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  • 2018
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We believe that the way we develop technical products today will change fundamentally and are excited to be at the forefront of this revolution. Until recently, there was no software to automate all the multiple time consuming steps of product development processes. At ELISE we ...
Leitbild: At ELISE, we aim to build a workplace we love. A place where we enjoy going to in the morning, laugh with our colleagues while being dedicated to our mission. We care about delivering customer focused, innovative products, and working in a balanced, healthy and fun working ...

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29. Okt 2020

„Dynamisch, innovativ, professionell und vertraut“

Akt. Mitarbeiter - Software Engineer in Bremen, Bremen, Bremen
Neutrale Prognose

Ich arbeite seit weniger als einem Jahr bei ELISE - Vollzeit


Es ist ein junges Team, das sehr innovative Software entwickelt. Wenn Sie ein leidenschaftlicher Softwareentwickler sind und gerne mit CAD / CAE, Simulation, Geometrie und KI arbeiten, sind Sie hier


Der von uns verwendete Technologie-Stack ist etwas konservativ (.NET-Desktop-Anwendung). Wenn Sie mehr an modernsten Sprachen / Frameworks interessiert sind, wird dies für Sie nicht sehr aufregend

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    Ich habe mich online beworben. Der Vorgang dauerte 1 Woche. Vorstellungsgespräch absolviert im Sep 2020 bei ELISE (Deutschland)


    Right after my semester finished at the university I have decided to apply for an internship in the company that presented and covered the topic of generative engineering during one particular lecture that extremely fascinated me.

    I applied for an internship by given form on the website of the company. I have described my attitude to the topic that they cover and attached my resume.

    To get feedback from the company it took just a few days. I got a message that ELISE was very keen to meet and talk online within any time period I preferred.

    From the very start, the interview was conducted in a surprisingly joyful atmosphere. Not expecting that at all, I felt fully appealed to that version of the conversation. From start to the end it was just a pleasant conversation that covered all topics arising from both sides.

    The decision about my application was confirmed to me straight away and the same day I received materials needed to get familiar with software and perform the task that I have received and we were meant to discuss it in a week's time.

    After describing my results, the company started the preparation of all documents needed for my internship.

    Q: How are you? Q: Any information that you could tell us about yourself that was not included in the resume? Q: How was your previous internship conducted? Q: What you did not like in that internship? Q: Describe a few projects that you have done that were life-changing achievements? Q: How would you behave in a given situation? Q: What motivational speech would you give to your team as its leader?

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5. November 2020
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Attention, engineers! Algorithmic modeling is finally available for your daily work. Algorithmic modeling is where design and programming intersect. Using a node-based visual language like ELISE allows you to develop data-driven products, automate repetitive design tasks, connect them seamlessly to simulation environments and create products that would be impossible with standard CAD & FE tools. Through ELISE we can visually program several engineering steps and even digitalize a complete product development process. Complex processes can be run through automatically as part of an optimization. Automated product development with generative engineering brings you faster to your goal with a pinpoint landing of the result. How is this done? - Watch our video and see it for yourself!
Shared image - Visual Programming with Generative Engineering
Visual Programming with Generative Engineering
17. August 2020
Hooray! Last evening, we got the second place at the award ceremony of the Bremer Founding Prize. Many thanks to WFB Wirtschaftsförderung Bremen GmbH and Sparkasse Bremen for the great online gala and congratulations to the winners of the first prize JAAI | JUST ADD AI GmbH. It was a fantastic event and we are very happy!
Shared image - Bremer Gr�ndungspreis 2020
Bremer Gr�ndungspreis 2020

Auszeichnungen und Preise für ELISE

  • Bremer GründerpreisSparkasse Bremen2020
  • Bre3D StartUP AwardMinistry of Economic Affairs, Labour and Ports and Materialise2019

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