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  • 2017
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Demodesk is building the world's first intelligent customer meeting platform for remote sales with the vision to enable everyone to have great customer conversations. We give revenue teams superpowers by enabling them to host more effective and engaging meetings. Demodesk ...
Leitbild: We have been creating a new category for real-time sales enablement since 2017 and strive to be a global leader. As a growing start-up, we all share a passion to make an impact and grow, not only as a company but also as individuals. To us, innovation is a default mind-set – to ...

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„Internationales, inspirierendes Team, das an einer ehrgeizigen Mission arbeitet“

May 27, 2021 - Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in München, Bavaria, Bayern
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Sehr vielfältiges und internationales Team, beeindruckende Persönlichkeiten mit inspirierendem Hintergrund, dynamischem Markt, einzigartiger Technologie und starken Unternehmenswerten


Arbeiten Sie dort, wenn Sie ein dynamisches, ehrgeiziges Umfeld suchen
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  1. Vorstellungsgespräch für eine Beschäftigung als Data Engineer

    Anonymer Mitarbeiter in Belarus
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    Pretty nice interview itself, but an awful feedback loop with no respect to the candidates.
    I applied for a Data Engineer position. In the beginning, everything was great: it was really quick, I did an HR screening interview, "past experience and motivation" interview with the hiring manager (team lead), I got a home assignment, solved it, and then got a technical interview with the hiring manager. Everything seemed great, I was invited for an interview with a CTO and chief of staff, and it went well too, so I was expecting to get an invitation to meet the CEO (and a job offer) pretty soon. The only bad sign so far was that instead of sending the home assignment and giving a week to solve it, they ask you to provide a date and time when you'll be able to spend 4-5 hours solving the assignment. It would be much easier to solve it when I have time, and not to book half of my day during the weekend. Besides that, everything was fine. I did all that steps in 2 weeks, so I was pretty happy about the hiring process.
    But then I got no feedback after the last interview. I thought that maybe they want to finish interviews with the other candidates. So I waited for 2 weeks before reaching out to HRs, but there was no feedback.
    I sent an email to one of the HRs asking about an update and got no reply in a week. I already got an offer from another company, so it was important for me to know if I should consider Demodesk or accept the other offer right away. So I sent an email to another HR that I met and got no reply either.
    It's really disrespectful. When a candidate spends so much time for interviews, they expect to get detailed feedback (even if it's negative). And it's definitely not acceptable to ignore candidates, especially if they went so far in the interviewing process.

    Home assignment: 1) design an end-to-end pipeline for their video-conferencing tool. 2) solve a simple SQL task Technical interview: discuss the home assignment, solve one more SQL task during the call.

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August 3, 2021
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We did it! We did it! 🙌 Despite the travel challenges faced due to Covid, the Revenue Team still managed to meet up in our Munich office and rock their onsite! This was the first opportunity for them to get together, get some face time, and have key workshops on messaging, deal diagnostic, and objection handling! All of this, while enjoying some healthy competition at the laser tag gallery ⚔️ At Demodesk we take team face time very seriously. That's why we have a budget allocated to that! Three offsites a year to conduct workshops and foster team bonding! Who wants to join us at the beach? 🏖️
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June 28, 2021
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Last week the Leadership Team met for the very first time in person in the beautiful German Alps! ⛰️ This was the first opportunity for all of them to get together, spend time getting to know one another, and discuss important strategic topics face to face! All of this while enjoying the beautiful Bavarian countryside! 🥨 Demodesk is growing fast, and we aim to become the #1 customer meeting platform for sales and success teams. We are so happy to have the most amazing leaders guiding us all in achieving these ambitious goals! (From left to right) ⭐ Dylan ⭐ James ⭐ Veronika ⭐ Alex ⭐ Vici ⭐ Lauren ⭐ Marcel
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