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Pleasanton, CA (Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika)
501 bis 1.000 Mitarbeiter
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  • „Well-intentioned, but neglects old employee careers”

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    Akt. Mitarbeiter - Software Developer
    Akt. Mitarbeiter - Software Developer
    Positive Prognose
    Befürwortet Geschäftsführer

    Ich arbeite in Vollzeit bei Daitan Group (Über 5 Jahre)


    - Everyone helps everyone, there is no sense of competitiveness between employees (which for me is a great plus, no toxic environment).
    - Employees are (mostly) really good technically.
    - Company has some good actions and tries to be around people a bit more than the general IT company.


    - It tries to be cool, but it's not as "cool" as other Tech companies on the region. For example, the policy for home office is not defined, so some managers will get annoyed if you do, and some won't care, it really depends on the people you work for. Also, it's really easy to get fed up into a bad work/life balance due to Daitan not controlling hours so much and not giving extra-hours either. You will be able to leave 15 minutes early, but will have to stay 3 hours after work on some weeks, it hardly seem worth it this way.

    - Since the company "sells people" and not a product, we all work more close to the client than to Daitan itself, so in some cases your manager on Daitan doesn't even know what are you doing at your work. This can be good for integration with the client and remove the layer between client devs and Daitan devs, but it also makes harder to be recognized for good work or a promotion, as the manager has no idea what is happening and the client doesn't decide about your salary.

    - It really neglects, and I can't stress this enough, the old employees of the company. And by old I mean people that are in the same project for longer than 2 years. If no one complains, Daitan is not going to look at your career at all. You have to constantly complain about salary situations for then something to happen. Most people I talked to had to look for another job, receive a job proposal and then show that to Daitan and then the company decided to do something about it. It's a mess on this sense, really.

    Rat an das Management

    Well please set up something do look at peoples careers. I saw that there is a separate team for this now, but it's kind of too late for some of the employees to wait for the new department to work, you have a lot of unhappy people with their careers now.

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Daitan Group-Foto von: Our office in Campinas, Brazil.
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Daitan Group-Foto von: Our office in Campinas, Brazil.
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Einladung zum Vorstellungsgespräch

Einladung zum Vorstellungsgespräch





    Software Development Specialist-Vorstellungsgespräch

    Anonymer Mitarbeiter in Campinas, São Paulo (Brasilien)
    Angebot angenommen
    Positive Erfahrung
    Schweres Gespräch


    Ich habe mich über einen Personalvermittler beworben. Der Vorgang dauerte mehr als 2 Monate. Vorstellungsgespräch absolviert im Dezember 2016 bei Daitan Group (Campinas, São Paulo (Brasilien)).


    Daitan uses to apply a pretty heavily tech interview, trying to measure all your knowledge, for only them, deciding if you suits any internal job. The stands of the company is pretty high for the region we are working with, so if you might to get approved, you can consider yourself one of the verybests developers in Brazil.

    Fragen im Vorstellungsgespräch

    • Almost all of the questions are to cover your techinical knowledge. The questions are like:

      - What is the difference in between ArrayList and LinkedList in Java? When you should use each of them and why?

      - Could you specify to me what are the programming paradigms that apply to the <put the target job programming language here>?

      - Seeing this code, could you point to me what is it debts, and how would you improve the code?   Frage beantworten
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