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Mehr als 10.000 Mitarbeiter
Aktiengesellschaft (CTTAY)
Herstellung von sonstigen Erzeugnissen
Mehr als 10 Milliarden $ (USD) pro Jahr
Continental entwickelt wegweisende Technologien und Dienste für die nachhaltige und vernetzte Mobilität der Menschen und ihrer Güter. Das 1871 gegründete Technologieunternehmen bietet sichere, effiziente, intelligente und erschwingliche ... Mehr lesen


Beste Arbeitgeber:  2018 (#25), 2017 (#23), 2016 (#2)

Beliebteste Manager: 2017 (#4), 2015 (#6)

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  • Event // Wenn unsere Logistikroboter �� in der Kantine Give-Aways verteilen, dann ist das ein untrügliches Zeichen für die „Lange Nacht der Unternehmen und Wissenschaft“ in Ingolstadt. Wir konnten rund 500 Besucher in unseren Produktionshallen und Laboren begrüßen sowie über Themen wie z.B. Sensorik oder Tür- und Sitzentwicklung �� informieren.

  • Sein Duales Studium als Ingenieur für Holz- und Kunststofftechnik hat Thorsten bereits absolviert. ��‍�� Jetzt arbeitet er als Junior Product Manager Residential Concepts bei Continental. ��‍�� Als was ❓ Was genau man sich unter dieser Jobbezeichnung vorstellen kann und was seinen Arbeitsalltag rund um Möbel- und Schiffsbaufolien so spannend macht, verrät er im Blogbeitrag: ��

    Product Manager - eine spannende Mischung aus technischen und kaufmännischen Aufgaben

    This post is also available in: Thorsten, wie bist Du zu Continental gekommen? Wie hat alles angefangen? Seit September 2014 bin ich bei der jetzigen Benecke-Hornschuch Surface Group, einer Tochtergesellschaft von Continental, tätig. Ich habe dual Ingenieur für Holz- und Kunststofftechnik studiert und bin nun im Bereich Residential Concepts als Product Manager Residential Concepts beschäftigt.

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Continental – Warum wir?

Continental develops pioneering technologies and services for sustainable and connected mobility of people and their goods. Founded in 1871, the technology company offers safe, efficient, intelligent and affordable solutions for vehicles, machines, traffic and transport. In 2016, Continental generated sales of €40.5 billion and currently employs more than 227,000 people in 56 countries.

As a driver of innovation, Continental is on the leading edge of technology. This kind of top position can only have a sound basis if the people who stand behind this company have the opportunity to develop their ideas in an environment that inspires and motivates. An environment characterized by competence, cooperation and progress. Worldwide. We call this “corporate spirit”. Deciding factors for this corporate spirit are:

  • A culture of high performance
    This is what drives the actions of each individual and all teams worldwide.
    At Continental you can expect more, because everyone expects more from themselves.
  • Striving for the best
    Each individual on their own is responsible for not simply accepting second best.
  • Cooperation and teamwork
    Flat hierarchic levels, open-mindedness and respect characterize our work as a part of a worldwide network.
  • Responsibility and management
    Executives should lead cooperatively and encourage individual responsibility.
    And everyone must be willing to be measured by his or her own actions.
  • Learning and knowledge management
    Our employees believe in the principles behind learning throughout their lifetime. We provide access to knowledge at every level of our company.

A balanced relationship between professional and personal life not only helps to reduce stress for an individual. It in itself is what greases the wheels for a company’s long-term economic success. Active, fit and motivated employees are the prerequisite for a “healthy”, a better company.

So, the intention of Continental’s activities in this area are by no means altruistic. Everyone benefits from a balance between work and life. It is the basis for creating a classic win-win situation. And, the programs we offer to this end are just as extensive and varied. For example:

  • Sports events such as the international Conti-Running-Day
  • Wellness events for health topics
  • Culture weeks for defined countries with events and activities to match
  • Networks for certain interest groups
  • Programs for parent leave
  • Children’s day care
  • Social services

A company that does business on a world stage simply must have a multicultural mindset. For Continental, this is more than a basic condition. It is our opportunity to expand entrepreneurial perspectives and in doing so to participate in international markets up close and “from the inside out”.

This is one reason why individuals from all nationalities are welcomed by us, irrespective of their age, gender, origin, sexual orientation or bodily impairment. Decisive is only the applicant’s skills and potential. Equal qualifications are required from all. A selection is made based on an objective qualitative evaluation only.

What we offer our employees: Good money for good work


In terms of remuneration, we pursue the principle of good payment for good performance. Therefore, variable remuneration elements are playing an increasingly important role – and not just for top management. We are attempting to strike a balance between the goals of wealth creation and Continental's success on the one hand, and the remuneration of our employees on the other hand.

Remuneration systems


We know that challenging tasks, a good working environment and a secure job are truly central factors in selecting an employer nowadays. In addition, we offer our employees attractive remuneration structures – and one which apply worldwide as well. As a result, we offer the employees in our German plants not only a fixed salary component but also additional payments such as holiday pay and a Christmas bonus. But that is not all: as part of group working, employees receive additional remuneration if the targets are met. The criteria involved are, for example, reducing scrap or downtimes, as well as optimizing quality.

In addition, there is an annual profit-sharing program for our employees worldwide. According to this arrangement, the employees of the Continental corporation benefit directly from the company's success in the form of a bonus.


Security in retirement also


The system of old-age provision is facing great challenges, and not just in Germany. The demographic structural changes are increasing the pressure on the state pension systems – and in many markets in which Continental operates. It is therefore natural that company and private pension schemes have become more important.

Our international pension strategy is focusing on switching from defined benefit to defined contribution plans in order to offer both employees and the Company a sustainable and readily understandable pension system.The corporation promotes private contributions made by employees by adding corporate subsidies to the money they invest. The company also encourages employees to participate in a “pay conversion” scheme. The employee relinquishes part of their pay, which is then invested by the employer in the company pension scheme.

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Einladung zum Vorstellungsgespräch

Einladung zum Vorstellungsgespräch






    Anonymer Mitarbeiter in Babenhausen, Hessen
    Angebot angenommen
    Positive Erfahrung
    Leichtes Gespräch


    Ich habe mich online beworben. Der Vorgang dauerte 3 Wochen. Vorstellungsgespräch absolviert im April 2018 bei Continental (Babenhausen, Hessen).


    Zunächst Inline-Bewerbung über das Karriereportal von Continental. Anschließend nach ca. 2 Wochen telefonische Einladung zum Vorstellungsgespräch. Das Vorstellungsgespräch fand mit den zwei zukünftigen Vorgesetzten/Betreuern statt. Wenige Fragen. Es wurde hauptsächlich das Unternehmen und die Aufgaben im Praktikum vorgestellt. Lediglich Fragen zu bisherigen Erfahrungen und zu Studiumsinhalten. Das Gespräch dauerte ca. 45 Minuten. Angenehme Atmosphäre. Telefonische Zusage von der Personalabteilung am folgenden Tag.

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  • Forbes magazine’s list of America’s Best Employers(267), Forbes Magazine, 2015
  • World’s Most Admired Companies, Fortune, 2018
  • World’s Most Admired Companies, Fortune, 2017
  • Best Place to Work, South Carolina Chamber of Commerce, 2012
  • Fair Company, Berlin Labor Cour, 2011
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