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At COCUS we are working at the critical intersection of IT and business. True to our name COCUS – Company for Customers – we are proud to develop tailored IT solutions with focus on the Internet of Things, Blockchain, Data Analytics and Information Security. Our customers are ...

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Oliver Hüttig
Oliver Hüttig
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Mar 5, 2021 - Senior Consultant in Düsseldorf
Positive Prognose
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Home-Office möglich, flache Strukturen, offene Kultur


kein hippes Start-up, ansonsten alles fine
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  1. Vorstellungsgespräch für eine Beschäftigung als Technical Lead

    Anonymer Mitarbeiter in Porto, Oporto
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    Ich habe mich über einen Personalvermittler beworben. Der Vorgang dauerte 5 Tage. Vorstellungsgespräch absolviert im Jun 2021 bei Cocus (Porto, Oporto)


    They sent me a message on Linkedin asking if I was interested in their job offer and some other profile questions as well.

    We scheduled an interview for a few after this first chat, this interview started with HR who contact me and a manager, both are nice persons and we had a nice talk.

    After some time two technical persons got on the call (late) sharing the same device and everything started to fall, I couldn't understand what they are saying cause the room was with an echo, they are not using any individual headset or microphone.

    So, these two asked me a lot of code questions, however, I could understand only a few words and they were talking in my native language. I asked them a lot of times to repeat the sentence and complained sometimes about the trouble to understand them, but they simply didn't try to make the things best like changing the room, using a headset, or even typing keywords on the chat.

    After an hour and a half of this, they said that have to send me a test, what I promptly agreed cause it is had to be the chance to show them that I am not an idiot, but the HR guy sent me an email that the technical team doesn't think I am the person that they are looking for.

    I have to say, it was the worst interview of my life, my feeling is to fail as a human being for don't understand my mother language. After some days thinking about it I blame these two guys because I could understand the other two, I already had some conversations with other Portugal nationals and understood well, and really I did have English conversations way better than this.

    About SOLID, do you ... (something incomprehensible) ... what do you think about it?

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