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München, Bayern
1.001 bis 5.000 Mitarbeiter
Dienstleistungen im Gesundheitswesen & Krankenhäuser
100 bis 500 Millionen € (EUR) pro Jahr
Founded in Munich, Germany in 1989, Brainlab employs 1300 dedicated and inspiring people from 65 countries at 18 offices worldwide. We develop, manufacture and market software-driven medical technology, enabling access to improved, more efficient, less invasive patient ... Mehr lesen

Leitbild: Increase access to and consistency of treatment for patients everywhere. Together we are making medical technology and knowledge more impactful and accessible to physicians and their patients.

Brainlab – Warum wir?

Brainlab was founded by CEO Stefan Vilsmeier in Munich in 1989. What has become a lifelong quest for innovation in healthcare began as a mouse-controlled, menu-driven surgical planning and navigation software program.

Brainlab is first and foremost a software company with applications ranging from patient positioning in radiosurgery treatments to software-guided surgical navigation to cloud-based solutions that facilitate the secure exchange of medical images.

Over the years, the development of hardware systems became crucial to the Brainlab portfolio. Advanced hardware expands the possibilities of treatment and facilitates and effectively delivers Brainlab software innovation across numerous fields: oncology, specifically radiotherapy and radiosurgery; image-guided surgery, specifically, craniomaxillofacial (CMF), ENT, orthopedic, spine, trauma, and neurosurgery; intraoperative imaging; integrated operating room solutions as well as image sharing and enhancement.

Fueled by the drive to increase access to and consistency of treatment, Brainlab focuses on boosting cancer survivorship by developing new and minimally invasive methods to treat cancers of the brain and body and increase patient comfort during treatment. With the launch of, the company is seeking to make medical technology more understandable and accessible for patients and caregivers everywhere.

At Brainlab, we are dedicated first and foremost to people. To that end, we focus on the development of high technology products that help forge a global medical standard and advance health care.

"Our goals are unswerving—to provide the best possible technology to benefit patients worldwide, and to develop the highest quality products and services to satisfy the needs and exceed the expectations of our customers. To achieve this, we have assembled an organization of professionals who believe that the pursuit of excellence has no finish line."
-Stefan Vilsmeier, CEO


Brainlab creates and integrates products for various stages and phases of the surgical procedure, from software for pre-planning, to software and systems for surgical navigation, to data management and manipulation, and intraoperative imaging and surgical follow-up. This integration helps clinicians fully leverage patient data in an era in which data is continuously growing in volume and complexity.

Similar to a car or mobile phone global positioning system, surgical navigation—also called image guided surgery, computer-assisted surgery, software-guided surgery—continuously tracks surgical instrumentation in relation to actual patient anatomy and displays the relationship, in real time, on a software screen during surgery.

At the core of all our platforms is Brainlab software, designed for both routine and complex surgical procedures. Intuitive user interfaces provide accelerated workflows for image-guided surgery. Brainlab software offers universal tool integration and an open platform for surgeons to use the implant and tool manufacturers of their choice.


Brainlab radiosurgery / radiotherapy software and hardware provide the ability to plan, monitor and deliver radiation treatment for patients with cancerous or functional diseases. Various software applications and hardware systems offer the advanced tools required for optimized treatment planning, monitoring and verification to achieve high precision throughout the whole course of the treatment.


Integration of Brainlab patient data tools simplifies treatment workflow and inspires collaboration between clinicians. With a variety of customizable options, Brainlab technology maintains integrity while adapting to resource and workflow needs. Continuing to advance our planning and treatment technology is how Brainlab inspires collaboration and drives greater access to and consistency of treatments.


Increase access to and consistency of treatment for patients everywhere.


Together we are making medical technology and knowledge more impactful and accessible to physicians and their patients.


Simplicity, integrity, inspiration.


We work in an innovative and green environment. In line with our philosophy that imagination is the source of our innovation, our offices are constructed and designed to promote creative ideas. Stylized spaces for meeting, socializing and working all allow for the free exchange of information and enable communication and collaboration outside of a conference room. Much of the furnishings, desks and decorative elements were specifically designed for our offices to fine-tune the workplace to the needs of our employees. To cater to the needs of our environment, Brainlab headquarters is LEED certified rate Gold with numerous initiatives to reduce our impact.


We eat to fuel our innovation. As a healthcare company, providing fresh and healthy options for our employees goes without saying. At our award-winning Brainlab restaurant, market-fresh produce is delivered daily for delicious dishes and is prepared before our employees’ eyes in the front-cooking kitchen. Our restaurant team works on a quality—not cost—target, and because of Brainlab subsidization, there is always a full, tasty meal available at a great price. In addition to employees, over a thousand customers visit Brainlab headquarters each year. Since there is no designated customer seating, it’s not uncommon to sit next to a world-renowned neurosurgeon or the head of a radiotherapy department while you enjoy your meal. Inviting our customers to dine with us gives them a better understanding of who we are, and enables each employee to contribute personally to the Brainlab identity. After a healthy, brain-fueling meal, many Brainlab employees stop by the Tower Café for an espresso or a homemade slice of cake.


We believe healthy habits are a part of healthy living. Creating an in-house gym for our employees was a natural choice when constructing our new headquarters in Munch. The 360 m² fitness studio is full of equipment and programs to keep our employees moving with emphasis on functional training and cardio. All employees have access to the gym and modern changing rooms with lockers and rain showers, as well as individual training plans, weekly courses and small group training sessions provided by professional trainers.


We work together; We play together! The control tower of the former Riem Airport has been given new life as an integrated part of Brainlab headquarters. The space now serves as a multi-purpose facility for all types of leisure activities. In addition to its unique conference rooms, the Tower offers plenty of spaces dedicated to enjoyment. The cozy employee café sells sandwiches, pastries and beverages throughout the day and a beautiful, serene studio space gives a home to weekly yoga classes. To top it all off, the upper floors offer hip event and party spaces with stunning views of both the entire city of Munich and the panoramic Alps to the south. These floors are host to Brainlab events as well as our monthly Brainlab After Work get-togethers.

We want innovative contributions. Everyone at Brainlab makes a critical contribution and, therefore, we want people who don’t know their limitations. We hire primarily for talent and passion rather than experience and formal education. Many of our colleagues come from diverse backgrounds and have brought their relevant experience to contribute to Brainlab innovation.

We want cultural diversity. Brainlab is made up of people from all over the world who bring with them their ideas, impressions and know-how. Although we are a German company, only about 45% of our workforce is German. Brainlab is a truly global organization because we understand that globalization comes from inside.
We want authentic people who can build and maintain meaningful and trusting relationships with our customers. Unlike other organizations in which customer contact is monopolized by a select few, almost all employees at Brainlab have the chance for direct customer interaction, from R&D to purchasing.

We value idealists. Brainlab was founded out of a frustration with the status quo in medicine and a desire to create enormous positive change in the industry, regardless of the challenge. These rebellious beginnings have led us to value those with a healthy disrespect for what is the accepted norm. We appreciate those who are obsessed with fighting cancer and improving surgery and orthopedics. We value authenticity, and those who pride themselves on wanting to change the world.

We value applicants who are willing to break through walls to create a new solution to an old problem and who get up immediately after being knocked down. We are committed to success and value applicants who share that passion.

Want to find out more about our amazing employees! Take a look at our Brainlab Tales to get to know some of our team!

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    „Tolle Erfahrungen bei angenehmer Arbeitsatmosphäre”

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    Ehem. Mitarbeiter - Junior Software Engineer in München, Bayern
    Ehem. Mitarbeiter - Junior Software Engineer in München, Bayern
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    Befürwortet Geschäftsführer

    Ich habe in Vollzeit bei Brainlab gearbeitet (mehr als ein Jahr)


    -Sehr nette, hilfsbereite Kollegen
    -Es wird sehr viel Wert auf Softwarequalität gelegt
    -Unternehmen in spannender Branche mit hochwertigen Produkten
    -Exzellente Kantine & Internes Fitnessstudio


    -Es gibt wenig zu bemängeln

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