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At Booking.com, we’re not just a platform for booking accommodation – we’re the technology that makes travel easier. We’re the thrill of the first night in a new place. The excitement of the next morning. The friends you make. The journeys you take. The sights you see. And the ...
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11. August 2022
We always try to make interviews at Booking.com easy for our candidates. To make it even easier, we’ve made a video that will tell you: 🤔What kind of questions can you expect from the recruiter during the interview at Booking.com? 🤔How to showcase your passion for your expertise area during the conversation with a recruiter? Listen to Paul, our Lead Recruiter, to get some tips on how to best showcase your skills during the interview.
Your Interview Journey at Booking.com - Corporate interview
3. August 2022
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“There’s a genuine culture of listening to people at Booking.com. If you feel strongly about something, you will be heard. Same with our customers. Really understanding where they’re coming from and what they want means we design better.” Liam’s journey from Ireland to America to Amsterdam have taken him to many challenging places, making him passionate about supporting those who feel like outsiders. As an energetic and empathetic UX designer, he ensures we really understand our customers and help them find the travel experiences they want, so they feel at home wherever they are. Read Liam's story and discover where you could go next with us. At Booking.com it’s more than a job, it’s a journey. #mybookingjourney
Shared image - From rocky outposts to smooth UX
From rocky outposts to smooth UX

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At Booking.com, our mission is to make it easier for everyone to experience the world.

So we’re going beyond being the best place to book any kind of accommodation to become the ultimate travel platform. And the place to book it all – from room nights and day tours to airport transfers and in-stay services. Helping us do this is a diverse community of employees across 200 global offices, all connected by a love of travel and a passion for innovation.

We embrace diversity. 

Whether experimenting on our product, approaching a new design challenge or simply interacting with colleagues in the office, we're always

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    It was an interesting process. Had to wait to be called my turn. When I went for the interview, it started. That is why it is the way to go for the mesh.

    Where do I see myself in 5 years time.

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