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At Booking.com, we’re not just a platform for booking accommodation – we’re the technology that makes travel easier. We’re the thrill of the first night in a new place. The excitement of the next morning. The friends you make. The journeys you take. The sights you see. And the ...
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19. Dezember 2022
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Meet Carmen, a Software Engineer who has been part of our team for almost 5 years! "As well as being a developer at Booking.com, I’m really proud to have become a Sustainability Ambassador. Each week I share ideas for my colleagues about how to be more individually sustainable. I am also attending meetings about different initiatives in the business to increase sustainability and working on new feature ideas to ensure customers are comfortable when renting electric vehicles. It's really satisfying to see sustainability initiatives be placed in a position of importance within the business, and I'm grateful to be involved in working towards something I'm passionate about." Anything is possible where tech meets travel. Join our team at: https://careers.booking.com/
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Booking.com Careers
8. Dezember 2022
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Amsterdam has been our home for more than 25 years and we look forward to a bright future in the capital city. With our new campus becoming home for more than 5,000 colleagues who live and work in the Netherlands, we are excited to reinforce our commitment to the city and this country. As one of the Dutch tech pioneers, we are excited to be a part of Amsterdam’s vibrant tech history and to continue to play an important role as it continues to grow and thrive for decades to come. We are focusing on making it an inclusive place where everyone feels welcome and can do their best work, with sustainability and wellbeing at the core of our approach. Follow along as we look towards the official opening of our new headquarters in the summer of 2023.
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Glenn Fogel
Glenn Fogel
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29. Jan. 2023 - Web Designer
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Sehr organisiert, der Arbeit war ganz einfach und ich habe dort als Kundenservice gearbeitet. Jeder Agent hatte 20 % Genius Konto.


Es gibt keine Contras, alles war gut und professionell
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At Booking.com, our mission is to make it easier for everyone to experience the world.

So we’re going beyond being the best place to book any kind of accommodation to become the ultimate travel platform. And the place to book it all – from room nights and day tours to airport transfers and in-stay services. Helping us do this is a diverse community of employees across 200 global offices, all connected by a love of travel and a passion for innovation.

We embrace diversity. 

Whether experimenting on our product, approaching a new design challenge or simply interacting with colleagues in the office, we're always curious at Booking.

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    Ich habe mich online beworben. Der Vorgang dauerte 2 Wochen. Vorstellungsgespräch absolviert bei Booking.com (Vereinigtes Königreich)


    Disrespectful interview process. After passing the language test online, I was invited to an interview. When the time for the interview came, the first thing that the recruiter told me was that the position had already been filled and they wouldn't be conducting an interview, but they would take my details down for future opportunities. I had spent a great deal of time preparing for the interview and it wouldn't have been difficult for them to send an email or voicemail to let me know in advance that the position had already been filled. I found it extremely disrespectful. There is no need to be so blasé about how you treat people. I don't think they stopped for one minute to think about the time investment I had made for that interview. If that is how they treat interviewees then I would be very wary of how they treat their employees.

    What experience I have, where I live etc - they told me it wasn't a real interview since they had already hired who they wanted.

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