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Through audio and text explainers called Blinks, original podcasts, and author-driven content, Blinkist is on a mission to help people turn ordinary moments into extraordinary learning opportunities—anytime, anywhere.
Leitbild: We strive to inspire people to keep learning by offering content that fits into their mobile lifestyles and daily routines. What's uniting us is a shared passion for our mission, the belief that we've built a place where "coming to work always feels good", and our desire to work ...

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Holger Seim
Holger Seim
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„Traumjob mit tollem Produkt und super Team“

Jun 25, 2021 - Senior Agile Coach in Berlin, Berlin
Positive Prognose
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* Geniales Produkt
* sehr engagiertes Team
* klasse Leadership und Management
* hoher Grad an Empowerment und Entfaltungsmöglichkeiten


* ich habe keine Kontras
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Initiativen und Programme

Our vision for IDB (Inclusion, Diversity, and Belonging) at Blinkist focuses on 3 pillars.

HUMAN: we want everyone to feel like they can bring their whole selves to work. 

BUSINESS: we want th

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    -Ausführliche Infoseite über den Prozess, das Team, die Challenge, Aufbau des Unternehmens, Links und Blogbeiträge zur Kultur und Unternehmensaufbau
    Infos zum Produkt und Probeabo
    -sehr schnelle Antworten und Rückmeldungen
    -Kalendertool zur Terminausfindung
    -sehr sympathische Gespräche

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April 8, 2021
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At Blinkist, we believe in empowering our teams to work how they work best. We give the flexibility to work from where you like and when you like, so long as your roles allow it. But now, we asked our teams to stop ✋ —— For a company-wide, quarterly 🧘 wellbeing day. 💚 Our ambition is to be one of the most engaged workforces in Europe. We recognize that wellbeing and balance across work and home life are so important and are especially challenging in a remote/hybrid environment. Every quarter we will have one day blocked in our calendars. No zoom calls, no screens, no slack. Just focusing on ourselves and our wellbeing. Remote is here to stay. Let’s develop the habits to go along with it! #blinkistsgotyourback #weareblinkist #lifeatblinkist #behindtheblinks #wellbeing #mentalhealth #remoteworkplace #remotejobs #remotetalent #remotehiring #remotefirst #newwork #startups
April 8, 2021
KEY NOT FOUND: company-updates.categories.culture
🥳 Internal successes should be celebrated by the whole organization. Today, we have compiled five amazing stories not only to shine a light on these empowering victories but also to underline how one can achieve great outcomes even when there’s a challenge ahead. You'll see stories from Koviljka Neskovic, our Creative Director, Robyn Kerkhof, our Selection & Curation Lead, Melisa Kleen, our Head of Business Intelligence, and Tracy Paulson, our Publisher & Creator Relations Manager. #businessintelligence #creative #leadership #empoweringpeople #teamsuccess #teamwork #behindtheblinks #lifeatblinkist #weareblinkist #success #inspiration #leadershipdevelopment #storytelling #branding #culture https://www.blinkist.com/magazine/posts/case-studies-blinkists-empowering-victories/?utm_source=cpp

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