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London, England (Vereinigtes Königreich)
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    The company and it's culture are bad, but the team has some good people in it.

    Risk for example is good, with a knowledgeable and professional person and heard had a huge impact by taking care of the whole deal.

    Sales has potential. Some have industry knowledge/connections and one other not as deeply industry-knowledgeable but makes up building human relationships and did almost all the sales though with the advantage of staying for long.

    Product has one guy driven and clever who also stayed for long.
    The development team did regular hours, which annoys some but they have a good reputation and somehow built a reliable platform, so actually well done to them.

    Part of the management is knowledgeable in the respective field and he did well in securing some financing.

    Also the company is indeed part of an incubator, which gives some advantages compared to a stand alone company.


    The previous review is a bit emotional (and funny)) but sounds true to me.

    The reputation I hear around the company is still terrible, both from the people in the incubator and even more outside.

    The culture felt of dis-empowerement and mistrust and for good reasons, this was not for me a place where you are trusted and not a place where you can trust.

    Chances for personal development were small for me and if it is possible at all I hear now it's even a little bit worse because they moved (physically) outside of the incubator.

    I would recommend a friend to pick any other opportunity and not to join Billfront unless she is desperate.

    I wonder why are the good ones still there or for how long they will stay, they don't sound exactly thrilled.

    I don't see many positives for BillFront in the future unless there will be a major reshuffling.

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