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Blaine, MN (Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika)
1.001 bis 5.000 Mitarbeiter
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    „Too many changes-poor leadership-dying culture”

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    Ehem. Mitarbeiter - Sales & Education
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    the parent company Estee Lauder has amazing benefits and maternity leave that is unheard of! during my employment the hours were flexible and allowed for great work life balance. Horst, the founder of the company, created an amazing mission and culture for the brand. the products perform beautify and keep the earth and stylist health in mind. ultimately i loved my job, the products, and the salons i worked with.


    2 years before my departure from the company they laid off the majority of the management in almost all the departments, many of which had 20+ years with the brand in a "restructure". with the restructure many new management positions were created, and i will say the new structuring of the departments made more sense. however instead of hiring from the talent within to fill these new roles they recruited all outside talent. this was disheartening as many of us had been waiting years for career advancement opportunities within our departments and when finally created we were skipped over. Don't start here is you plan on career advancement. Once the new management was in place there was no seeking to understand what we did or why we did it. it was simply "you will do this now" when we would try to share our thoughts or opinions we were silenced or ignored. the majority of the new management had no experience in our industry or understanding of the culture Horst created for the brand. they came in and simply wanted to apply all their strategies they used at previous companies like Pepsi and not all sales are equal. and those hard sales tactics are not what our accounts are used to nor do they appreciate it. gone were the days of leadership that had any desire to seek to understand, collaborate with their direct reports, or develop any interpersonal relations with employee, salons, or stylists. ultimately 2 years later roughly 75% of the field employees were laid off, eliminating the majority of those left with any longevity with the brand. and i assure you they are not done with lay offs. At the end of the day i loved my job, and i loved the brand Horst created, but this is no longer Horst Aveda. This is Estee Lauders Aveda.

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    Seek to understand before you jump to conclusions, though you have a higher title many on your team know more than you (or at least they did) and are more than willing to share and collaborate for the success of the team. The culture Horst created runs deep in the blood of our salons. Owners, managers, and stylists hold our mission very dear to their heart so don't break that. You may think that the end consumer for this brand is the guest purchasing but i assure you it is not. at the end of the day it is the salons who carry this brand, who sell these products, who promote the mission. and just as quickly as they invited you into their businesses, they can fire you from their businesses and it's important to never forget that.

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    She called me in the phone asked why I wasn’t working and I hired me right away without even meeting me
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